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Partner is a dickhead?

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Notinchelse Fri 07-Oct-16 20:45:33

Dear all

Do you think AIBU that I am very upset that he sold a beautiful piece of furniture from my teenager's bedroom without asking me? And then when I became upset he stormed off.

KinkyAfro Fri 07-Oct-16 20:47:12

Erm no! Is he the dad? Why did he do it?

Thattimeofyearagain Fri 07-Oct-16 20:47:40

YANBU on the scant information you have given. Who did the furniture belong to ?

e1y1 Fri 07-Oct-16 20:50:31

No. A piece of furniture is a really odd thing to just decide to sell?

Did he say why? Needed the money/is it valuable, new furniture coming/redecorating?

Not that any reason is particularly relevant, just can't imagine anyone just deciding to sell furniture.

SaggyNaggy Fri 07-Oct-16 20:53:28

More to this me thinks?
If my OH randomly decided to sell furniture I'd be confused more than anything.

BlancheBlue Fri 07-Oct-16 20:55:41


ChequeOff Fri 07-Oct-16 20:55:52

How long have you been together OP? How much was the furniture worth? Is he the father of your teenager?

There's not enough information to go on here.

PickAChew Fri 07-Oct-16 20:57:41

Sounds very odd.

Please do fill us in with a bit more information.

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