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.. to think a council in C21 Britain ought be be able to recycle household plastics??

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Draylon Fri 07-Oct-16 09:21:28

I mean rigid yogurt and soup pots.

How much landfill must they constitute?

As it is, ours expect us to take glass, waxed cartons and aluminium foil to recycling bins ourselves.

But am frankly amazed they haven't got this all sorted by now!

MyNightWithMaud Fri 07-Oct-16 09:24:52

That does sound a bit, err, rubbish.

Our council will take all those and will take paper except if you put it through the shredder. What is it about shredding that makes paper non-recyclable?

Finbar Fri 07-Oct-16 09:24:56

I imagine it's not that they can't it's just they have no budget to put it in place

ThomasHardyPerennial Fri 07-Oct-16 09:35:08

It's the same where I live too - I take all the plastic down to the recycling bank at the nearest supermarket, because they have the facilities there. It's so annoying because so much is in plastic packaging! They don't even collect takeaway pizza boxes here confused.

MissMooMoo Fri 07-Oct-16 09:41:13

Ours doesn't take glass or yogurt pots either,its ridiculous.

MrsJayy Fri 07-Oct-16 10:05:51

Our council does and they have started recycling tetra means a million bins in the garden though

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