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AIBU to wonder at the lack of talk about Polish women

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Canyouforgiveher Fri 07-Oct-16 03:01:11

AIBU to wonder at the lack of talk on this site about the amazing protest by Polish women against proposed draconian abortion laws. It has been covered on the news here in US quite a bit (on NPR, the news station I follow) including a few interviews with Polish women involved in organization/academically/whatever which were, frankly, inspirational. Wonder why this issue and the fantastic response of Polish women hasn't been given more coverage generally and more chat on this site - did I miss it?

IWasGintyMarlowe Fri 07-Oct-16 03:03:48

God bless those women. i agree, much more coverage would be a good idea

wenchystrumpet Fri 07-Oct-16 03:57:20

Agree, it's worth discussion.

VikingVolva Fri 07-Oct-16 06:41:57

There's a thread in Feminism that has been running for some time now.

Multiple threads isn't really any marker of the importance of an issue.

MN is a chat site, not a judgement panel for the worthiness or importance of an issue.

But it is nice when people actually use the topics, such as they have for this.

MoggyP Fri 07-Oct-16 06:53:49

Threads in 'permanent' topics: which contains links to relevant petition and highlights events.

and ephemeral, in chat:

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