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Failing as a parent

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CostaAddict Thu 06-Oct-16 10:39:44

My 1st AIBU so apologies if it's long winded

I'm really struggling with my DS (6). He has a long complicated medical history with multiple surgeries and extended hospital stays. Currently in the process of getting an ASD (high functioning) diagnosis. His meltdowns are awful at the minute. The slightest thing or change of routine is setting him off. I used to be able to calm him and help him but nothing is working.

This week school drop offs have been horrendous. Staff illness/school camps etc have meant his usual teacher is not in class but a student teacher who's in his final year of university is in place. My Ds seems to like him but he's not very assertive. So the bell goes and DS is having a meltdown. Usually I can hand him over to his teacher and he calms down within 5 mins. Today the student teacher refused to take him in and asked me to take him to the headteacher. Fair enough he has a class of 25 to deal with. Take him in but the headteacher is off today and I've to leave him in reception. I had to physically pick him up off the ground and take him into school. I ended up leaving him in the locked reception with the school support staff. Yesterday I got him into school but he walked out without the teacher noticing. Luckily I hadn't left school grounds and took him straight back in. He's been sitting on his own in class facing the back wall. This does seem to help him calm down but now he's refusing to join in with the class. It's taken 2 years to get him to socialise and sit with his peers

I feel awful. Cahms won't see him. The supports put in place by Drs/school are practically non existent. OT have given some assistance but the school haven't followed though with the advice. SALT dismissed him as they didn't know how to help. I phoned the school when I got home but there wasn't any teacher in the school experienced enough to speak to me.

I'm failing him and I don't know what to do. I can't stop crying and I'm so angry all the time. Which doesn't help DS.

ghostyslovesheep Thu 06-Oct-16 10:41:39

contact you local 'parent support' service (they have different names, used to be Parent Partnership) they can be a bit hit and miss but ours where amazing and really helped ensure everyone was onboard and doing what they should

ghostyslovesheep Thu 06-Oct-16 10:57:34

oh and you are NOT failing either flowers

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