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To not want to have to cuddle a sanitary bin every time I use a public loo?

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Deucebumps Thu 06-Oct-16 09:38:54

Just that really.

Used the loos at Waterloo station, when it occurred to me that the thing I hate most about public toilets is that the bins in cubicles are so intrusive. I wouldn't say I have a particularly large arse but I find myself leaning sideways trying to avoid said arse making contact with the sanitary bin. Surely if they just made them shorter and deeper so it sat below the level of the toilet seat they could hold the same volume of waste?

So AIBU or does this annoy anyone else....

Picture of the offender this morning in case anyone has no idea what I'm on about!

olderthanyouthink Thu 06-Oct-16 09:43:37

YANBU I've often wondered why the cubicles barely have space for the bins, like their an after thought... Probably a mans doing

MrsPear Thu 06-Oct-16 09:45:15

Absolutely! That and toilets where you have to dance around the door to get in and out or no hook for your bag. On the bright side that public at least looks pretty clean!

BlancheBlue Thu 06-Oct-16 09:46:36

The toilets at waterloo should be clean for 50p!

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Thu 06-Oct-16 09:48:11

Yes to all of that - and especially to MrsPear and the dancing-around-the-door.... so annoying having to do that!

fourcorneredcircle Thu 06-Oct-16 09:50:26

My cousin is an architect. I once spent a day out with her where she showed me how to tell if a building was designed by a man, or a woman, basically, it all boiled down to toilets. Female architects make ladies toilet cubicles larger (for exactly this reason) and make more toilet facilities. This made me happy. Female architects also (aparently) use fewer corners which my cousin alluded to being to do with feeling safe. This made me sad.

tictactoad Thu 06-Oct-16 09:53:28


Grosses me out, especially when there's questionable staining to it and/or the last users leavings sticking out of the top angry

ChocChocPorridge Thu 06-Oct-16 09:53:30

It annoys me, and is easily fixed if someone actually thinks about it - instead of parking the toilet in the middle of the wall of the cubicle, just offset it a bit. Then you have equal room each side for your thighs (rather chubby in my case) and room for the bin, and you don't have to whack bits of you on the toilet roll dispenser too.

I think it's evidence of blokes designing/fitting women's cubicles and forgetting that there are more things that need to go into them.

ageingrunner Thu 06-Oct-16 09:54:34

I've always just assumed this is because I've got a big arse. Good to know that's not the case. Although someone who really did have a big arse would find it difficult to sit at all in that cubicle shock

YY to this. My other pet hate and test for loos designed by men is that the only mirrors are behind the sinks. So you end up brushing your hair over the sink and leaning forward over the sink if you want to put make up on.

ginghamstarfish Thu 06-Oct-16 09:59:00

Yes, that's horrible, surely most of us would not be able to avoid touching it no matter what size of arse. Why not have the bins corner-shaped or wall-mounted behind the loo? Poor design and lack of interest I suppose, it's the same in many many public toilets, have seen in cafes etc too. I also object to having to squeeze in to close the door by wiping the outside of the loo clean with my trousers! Ridiculous shoddy work, either to save costs/space or just plain lack of thought. So many things these days are very poorly designed, makes me mad to think some idiot is paid for coming up with these things.

Deucebumps Thu 06-Oct-16 10:01:15

The change machine was broken so the loos were free. I wouldn't have paid to use them - half the cubicles were out of order and it smelt of sewage angry

ItsJustNotRight Thu 06-Oct-16 10:02:44

Loos designed by men, bins designed by men, that the two may be needed together clearly an after thought.

ItsJustNotRight Thu 06-Oct-16 10:04:16

I paid 50p at Padddington and no bloody toilet paper.

SecretNutellaFix Thu 06-Oct-16 10:07:28

Public toilet hates that I have recently come across:

Cubicles so narrow, anyone with an ample arse is half sitting on the sanitary bin
Cubicles so short that to open the door one has to stand with legs apart over the toilet to open the door enough to leave the damn thing
Sensor flushes placed at exactly the point an average height person's shoulder would be and so sensitive that sitting upright on the facility results in a butt wash.

FasterThanASnakeAndAMongoose Thu 06-Oct-16 10:08:37

YANBU! And as a pp said, the lack of hooks on the back of doors is a pita too.

And while we're at it, I hate it when there's no hook or shelf or anything for your change bag in baby change facilities.

And when there's a separate hot and cold tap, and the hot is literally boiling after a couple of seconds, and there's no plug, so you end up washing your hands in cold water.

And when the nappy bin is overflowing and stinking. I find motorway service stations to be the worst for this.

SnugglySnerd Thu 06-Oct-16 10:09:46

Yes! This drives me mad! Also toilets with no hook for your bag so you have to put it on the dirty floor. The hospital is guilty of this, you'd think they would want bags, that may be carried into a ward, to be kept off a germy toilet floor.
I think cubicle doors should open outwards too, then I wouldn't have to climb practically into the loo to open the door to get out.

Nicketynac Thu 06-Oct-16 10:10:19

I have noticed that disabled/ baby change toilets often don't have mirrors. Not as annoying as touching a sanitary bin but it irritates me.

PinkSwimGoggles Thu 06-Oct-16 10:17:13

those bins should be smaller or in a different location, not next to the loo so that you have to sit half on it.

AutumnMadness Thu 06-Oct-16 10:21:07

Yes, and cubicles where you literally have to stand on top of the toilet if you want to close the door. If space is at such a premium, why not just make the bloody doors open outwards?

Deucebumps Thu 06-Oct-16 10:21:43

Glad to hear IANBU. New question.... Would it BU to make the men people who design/implement this crap have to use a cubicle with a crammed in sanitary bin (preferably one in urgent need of emptying) in hopes it will make them see the error of their ways?

PerspicaciaTick Thu 06-Oct-16 10:21:53

There are short bins available, I am always glad to see them grin.

I hate opening the toilet door, only to find that there is no more than an inch or two of clearance between the door and the toilet. But the space beside the toilet (where you could theoretically stand to allow the door to shut) is full of sanitary bin. So you squash yourself up against the bin, shut the door a tiny bit, then hop over the toilet into the emptyish space on the other side so you can get the door fully shut.

Trying to do this with a toddler and/or shopping bags becomes near impossible. Add a filthy cubicle into the mix and it becomes revolting. No wonder there are always long queues of women avoiding the filthiest cubicles because they don't want to rub themselves and their clothes against the filthy door, bin and toilet.

Akire Thu 06-Oct-16 10:25:35

As a wheelchair user my big bear is bins that are pedal operated... So you have to practically out your chin on top of said bin to try open it with your hands .. Nice. Or try open draw with hands again lovely!

Yes pedal are great if you can use but in disabled loos lets have handle instead please.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Thu 06-Oct-16 10:25:46

Yes to the only mirrors being over the sinks thing, I don't do hair or make-up there but it's annoying when you can't wash your hands because other people are.

olderthanyouthink Thu 06-Oct-16 10:27:50

I don't have kids but remember this being a problem, not having enough space to fit and adult and a small child in a cubicle together. (Again less likely to be something a man comes across)

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