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To think this is the worst customer service I've ever received?

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larpqueen Wed 05-Oct-16 20:20:35

So, ordered with Amazon Fresh for the first time yesterday and was super pleased with myself for saving money and time etc.
Except when the delivery arrived, 17 items were missing.
The receipt said nothing about this. I didn't get an email about it. I started a live chat on the website, and was told pretty much to just deal with it, that I would get a refund on them within 7-10 days, and I should expect an email to confirm it within an hour.
This morning, still no email so I started a live chat where I was told that the items hadn't been dispatched because they weren't in stock - despite being told they were - and why was I upset? They'd tried to satisfy me.
I'm so flipping annoyed.
Am I being unreasonable or is this just dreadful customer service?

wasonthelist Wed 05-Oct-16 20:22:12

No you are right that is crappy.

wasonthelist Wed 05-Oct-16 20:22:49

But I can't tell if it's the worst you have ever had, for obvious reasons.

larpqueen Wed 05-Oct-16 20:25:21

That's very true...

FetchezLaVache Wed 05-Oct-16 20:28:46

THat's really shit OP. 17 items missing from your order = pretty shit. Having to wait a week and a half for your money back (and nothing extra to apologise to you) = really shit. Their dismissive attitude = total and utter shit!

e1y1 Wed 05-Oct-16 20:31:22

No, that's shit.

Amazon are usually flawless; dealt with them personally and professionally. I worked in the customer service industry for over 10 years and would get all sorts of customer satisfaction data on companies, and Amazon would always be in the top 3 (usually 2nd place) of all UK companies.

squiggleirl Wed 05-Oct-16 20:37:28

I'm intrigued a to who is #1 tell!

Pemba Wed 05-Oct-16 20:37:49

Well that certainly sounds crap, so I guess I won't be using that then! (not that it is available in my area yet anyway). And 7-10 days for a refund? Unacceptable. I would stick to good old supermarkets in future OP.

I think the trouble may be that Amazon are trying to overreach themselves. They are setting up all these additional services, trying to squeeze other companies out, but the other companies will have far more experience in that particular section of the market. The other day I saw they were trumpeting a new section called 'handmade' trying to take over the sector currently occupied by Not on the High Street and Etsy. Then I'm sure you've seen the TV adverts for buying fashion from them. Trouble with that is, Amazon in general can be funny if you have too many returns. Whereas ASOS or someone like this know that that is part and parcel of selling clothes online.

They should stick at what they already do, as they are very good at that, and not try to take over the whole retail sector.

e1y1 Wed 05-Oct-16 20:39:59


It was normally always John Lewis Partnership.

One year Lush Cosmetics if memory serves.

squiggleirl Wed 05-Oct-16 20:44:53

Interesting...thank you!

larpqueen Wed 05-Oct-16 20:58:41

Thank you all for vindicating me!
I do agree that they're overreaching - in the past I've never had an issue with them.
I think I'll go back to my usual Tesco shop and be done with it!

chocolateworshipper Wed 05-Oct-16 21:06:36

For a moment there I was convinced that e1y1 was saying that Smiggle were number one for customer service.

<shuffles off to put on PJs and slippers and to fetch a mug of cocoa as clearly getting too old to be up at this time of night>

e1y1 Wed 05-Oct-16 21:10:04

chocolate haha grin

I've just been having a look around on the net (can only get public info now), and this year is actually the first time ever, that JLP is not in the top 3 (they've actually dropped to 6th place shock).

larpqueen, you ready for this? This year, Amazon is actually......... FIRST! grin

If anyone is so interested (I know you are smile)


larpqueen Wed 05-Oct-16 21:36:42

Though to be fair, Amazon are usually pretty good.
Also shocked about JLP - got some fancy bubble bath there on Christmas Eve last year, and it fell through the bottom of the bag they put it in as I walked away from the till straight onto my new boots, where it smashed. They were amazing, couldn't help enough and gave me a £60 gift card.

Lilianne Wed 05-Oct-16 21:39:30

They must know that such things and the reputation of being unreliable will kill this branch off. Quickly. A party/in-law visit where you can't do what you'd intended because crucial stuff is missing? Most people wouldn't risk it. And I thought Asda were taking the p* with 5/48 items replaced . Very imaginatively: coconut milk substituted with coconut milk body lotion, yum!

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