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Sudden inexplicable obsession

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holeinyourhead Wed 05-Oct-16 19:35:46

I have suddenly been obsessing about Oasis and Liam Gallagher in particular. Been going on for a week now. I can't stop listening to their music as if I am hearing it for the first time. I have been following Liam on Twitter and scouring the internet for photographs and nuggets of information about a possible reunion of the band. I was a fairly moderate fan at the time and kind of thought he was sexy back in the day but was well aware of what a complete tool he was/is as well so why this, why now? It's utter fantasy all this, I'm ashamed of myself. I can't seem to stop fantasising about what he would be like in bed and how he might seduce me, what his house is like, what his girlfriend is like. Pathetic. It's totally preoccupying my daily routine at the moment, all I want to do is play Oasis at top volume, bring it up in conversation wherever possible and endlessly stare at photos of Liam looking moody and gorgeous. I'm embarrassed to admit it, I wouldn't tell anyone I know about this. I am not an obsessive type normally. I don't have time for this kind of thing, I am a busy middle aged mother. Is this a midlife crisis? I am happily married, with a very busy job and social life. I love and still fancy my husband, we have a good sex life. I don't want for much. What the hell is happening to me? AIBU to be neglecting my kids' homework for a late-stage obsession about a 90s rock n roll star?! Please tell me this will all be over soon!

ImperialBlether Wed 05-Oct-16 19:36:37


BlurtonOnKites4eva Wed 05-Oct-16 19:39:15


You poor thing, I have no idea what to suggest. Hopefully it will pass as quickly as it came on.

RockyBird Wed 05-Oct-16 19:39:31

You're a sick, sick puppy grin

LuluNTutu Wed 05-Oct-16 19:43:52

Just roll with it...

BeverlyGoldberg Wed 05-Oct-16 19:46:15

You are definitely maybe being unreasonable

RJnomore1 Wed 05-Oct-16 19:46:33

Oh god boakity boak boak, there must be some sort of medication you can get for that. He must smell of stake tobacco abd unwashed hair and tosser you know.

You poor poor thing.

Shockers Wed 05-Oct-16 19:46:37

Hi Liam, how're ya doin? grin

Grumpyoldblonde Wed 05-Oct-16 19:47:18

Have some cigarettes and alcohol, that'll sort you.

Lozzapops Wed 05-Oct-16 19:52:43

Come on OP, stop cry in' your heart out, little by little you'll get over it. D'you know what I mean? grin

jacrispy Wed 05-Oct-16 19:53:31

I reckon ops Noel wink

thecatsarecrazy Wed 05-Oct-16 19:54:59

I used to be like this. In 1996.

jessica29054 Wed 05-Oct-16 19:56:35

Well, you might enjoy the chasing the sun exhibition if you're anywhere near Manchester smile

DH is going.

BennyTheBall Wed 05-Oct-16 19:58:26


Liam Gallagher! He's gruesome. HTH.

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Wed 05-Oct-16 20:04:03

I've had similar episodes OP.

Usually when I've not been socialising/ mixing much, or had far too much free time to browse the internet.

Funnily enough when I was a teenager I became really obsessive about a TV show called Due South, but i hadn't ever seen a single episode. I read loads about it online, episode summaries and transcripts, actor bios, fan fiction, I even wrote fan fiction about it. It was never on TV and this was pre you tube so I couldn't even watch clips. I spent ages fantasising about the characters and even imagining myself in the show. That I'd never seen.

Anyway, I got busier generally and my interest waned. A few years later Due South was on TV and I watched it and thought.... meh. Quite funny. Not really how I'd imagined it.

Brightredpencil Wed 05-Oct-16 20:50:06

Have to say, I sort of love your post!! You sound bowled over in such a wonderful way!! I love that you try and bring Oasis into conversation "wherever possible".

PurpleDaisies Wed 05-Oct-16 20:52:15

It'll go.
Don't look back in anger.

SatsukiKusakabe Wed 05-Oct-16 20:56:55

hopelesslydevoted that's hilarious. I quite fancied the guy in Due South, liked the uniform and the husky but I did actually watch it

op I had something similar happen to me a few months ago with a random actor. I'd always thought he was good but something just clicked and felt like I had a proper teenage crush all of a sudden. Anyway, it passed.

PoppyBirdOnAWire Wed 05-Oct-16 21:30:36

Of course you are not being unreasonable! Liam is still highly fanciable. I have a bit of a thing for him, too. Mmmmmm

Maryslairs Wed 05-Oct-16 21:31:45

Oh my god. Cant believe this. I am going through exact same thing. Its not with Liam though (although funnily enough my 14 year old son has an obsession with Oasis). My life is currently being ruled by Dan Smith (lead singer of Bastille). Im constantly playing his records and youtubing him. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He is 20 years younger than me so bit embarassing.

I cant stop thinking about him. I have had celebrity crushes before but this is by far the worst.

I feel your pain.

PoppyBirdOnAWire Wed 05-Oct-16 21:33:42


Come on OP, stop cry in' your heart out, little by little you'll get over it. D'you know what I mean? grin"

I absolutely love this thread. The OP is so lovely and so is Liam. I would. Definitely.

PoppyBirdOnAWire Wed 05-Oct-16 21:37:42
A recent one. Lol

PoppyBirdOnAWire Wed 05-Oct-16 21:39:05

His hands are a bit werewolf-y.

DurhamDurham Wed 05-Oct-16 21:41:05

I agree that your obsession is inexplicable. Totally inexplicable. He's vile.

Maryslairs Wed 05-Oct-16 21:41:37

Gotta be honest though. I prefer Noel. Just roll with it and when its over dont look back in anger. Some might say Whatever .

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