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to think heavy af is why I'm not pregnant?

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SunriseOctober Wed 05-Oct-16 18:57:38

In the midst of TTC and trying desperately not to overthink things but failing.

TTC #3 for me (#1&2 conceived in 2 & 1 months)
#1 for DP

Used to have a coil, but that came out 7 months ago, perfect 28 day cycles for 6 months with opk showing positives.

However, since my coil came out, my periods have been very heavy, a pad change at least every hour for the first 2/3 days and then mid-light flow for the last 2/3 days. Can't use tampons as it's too much blood and it's always (TMI) very clumpy and deep blood red.

We had a faint but definitely visible BFP two months ago but period came when due so put it down to possible chemical pregnancy.

Now period has arrived again and I'm feeling drained and wondering if a very heavy period is indicative of something not being right? Never had such heavy ones before.
We're at the end of our 20s and I know they say not to seek advice until 12 months have passed without success but I'd rather deal with a problem now if indeed there is one.

Any advice would be more than appreciated.

SkyLucy Wed 05-Oct-16 19:12:08

Not exactly the same situation but wanted to share my experience. I had increasingly heavy periods from May 2015 to May 2016 - scarily heavy, I even fainted. We were TTCing from Jan and I'd made a GP appointment in June to talk about the heavy periods - turned out I had to use the appointment to tell her I was pregnant! Now 21 weeks and all well.

Don't know what brought on the heaviness in the first place (no hormonal contraception ever used) - I put it down to changes as I got older (I'm 32). I would recommend you get your iron and ferritin levels checked though - I'm a veggie, and that combined with mega periods really depleted me! I was on heavy doses of iron supplements from Jan to June (not advised when pg).

Best of luck! X

ToastyFingers Wed 05-Oct-16 20:16:31

That doesn't sound abnormally heavy by my standards, but if it's much heavier than usual for you, ttc aside, please do see your gp.

scarednoob Wed 05-Oct-16 20:26:08

I had the opposite problem before DD - mine had gone v light. All the frantic googling I did seemed to suggest that heaviness of periods alone made no difference. I would also say anecdotally that most of my friends said theirs got much heavier at about 30.

Another thing that can affect it is weight; have you gained or lost weight at all?

as it is different for you, you should get it checked out - I'm sure it's perfectly normal but best just to put your mind at rest

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