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Are my motives unreasonable?

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Buck3t Wed 05-Oct-16 11:14:13

I don't know if I'm being unreasonable or not.

I worked temporarily adhoc somewhere to gain experience in a new field. I stopped working there because I didn't like it, it was too many people or the room was too small, you couldn't move around and it was hard to teach a routine, however as a favour to fellow newbie a few months down the line I offered to cover temporarily. That was when I found out I was no longer on their list as an approved temp. No previous correspondence, no reason given (rude)but based on the correspondence within the temp cover list, not unusual. I saw something in the cover list last night (we also cover other establishments, which is why I'm still on it) that I'm a little concerned about.

The room can take about 50 people as a maximum, but people have been reporting 56 and 62 people attending, so that the teacher has no space to demonstrate. The message last night said "I often teach 62 people I don't even have space for myself, I complained a few times but nothing changed, so just take it for what it is".

My thoughts are whilst the owner is raking in the dough, it's the teacher's insurance and the students that are at risk. Would it be so awful to report this establishment given my history? or do I just let other people walk into a situation that could really harm them?

One of the reasons I'm also questioning this, is because it is the cheapest place in the centre of town. Obviously packing them in is the reason but for people on lower incomes it really is a valuable resource.

So am I being unreasonable and covering up my feeling of rejection with faux concern over the public's wellbeing and my fellow teachers? Or is it the right thing to do and if it is, who would I even contact to report it?


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