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to not send my son to the school disco

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tinkerbellie Wed 07-Feb-07 09:53:18

it's the school disco tonight but i only found out about it at 6 o clock last night

i will be working myself until eight tonight and he hasn't mentioned it himself

he's only five and i doo normally take him to most school fairs and functions etc but am full of cold and just can't be bothered tonight to sit in the hall for two hours making small talk

serenity Wed 07-Feb-07 09:55:23

Stay home and put your feet up

Cappuccino Wed 07-Feb-07 09:56:21


discos at five?

<wanders off tutting and wiping hands on apron>

tirnanog Wed 07-Feb-07 09:56:49

I wouldn't bother

tinkerbellie Wed 07-Feb-07 09:59:20

thanks i feel much better now

hope he doesn;t mention it wen he comes home from school though, am sure they do this on purpose, but it'd not as if he'll have a valentine is it?

tirnanog Wed 07-Feb-07 09:59:22

If you wanted you could always still buy a ticket [as it's no doubt to raise money for school funds] but I wouldn't bother going.

Daydream007 Tue 18-Apr-17 22:31:18

It won't cause him any harm missing the disco

RubyJack Tue 18-Apr-17 22:32:51

How do people find 10 year old threads???

kingfisherblue33 Tue 18-Apr-17 22:33:07

ZOMBIE thread - from 10 years ago!

Tissunnyupnorth Tue 18-Apr-17 22:33:11

I think they missed it quite a while ago.

NonnoMum Tue 18-Apr-17 22:34:17

I wonder how he would feel now, aged 15???

Imaginingdragonsagain Tue 18-Apr-17 22:35:45


Allthewaves Tue 18-Apr-17 22:50:08


ChaiTeaTaiChi Tue 18-Apr-17 22:58:23

I wonder if the now 15 year old child is still gutted at missing his disco?

Is someone on zombie digging duty today?

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