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To be furious at the Scottish Government

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WyldFyre Wed 05-Oct-16 07:55:17

So Scotland is to lift the total ban on tail docking - allowing vets to do spaniels and pointers - but has stopped short of a full ban on shock collars.
They will be allowed if used under supervision of a vet or "approved trainer".

I'm pro docking for working dogs, having seen some horrendous tail injuries over the years, but disgusted that they've listened to the argument that they work as a last ditch effort on some dogs.

Science has proved that force free methods are better - better long term effects and better for dog welfare. To me using a shock collar for training is akin to a modern doctor using blood letting to cure cancer.

"The Scottish Government has decided to allow the use of electronic training collars only under the guidance of an authorised person, rather than implement an outright ban. This is because there is no documented evidence of deliberate abuse of collars on animals in Scotland and there are examples of use in certain circumstances to benefit the welfare of some animals. SSPCA received 23 complaints between 2011 and 2014 about electronic collars, all were investigated and advice given, but SSPCA considered no further action." (Scottish Government, 4 October 2016)

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