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to not attend work due to child's accident

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secrethideaway Wed 05-Oct-16 00:39:03

basically tonight my toddler had an accident, non-life threatening, so we attended A&E and just got back. they are shattered, have some cuts/bruises (mild) and are a little shaken.

ordinarily I'd be up at 5.30, out of the house with them by 7, and at work by 8. I have a meeting that is important first thing tomorrow, but if I'm not there I am confident people would manage. I am working on a project related to the meeting that has a deadline this week, so I have a sense that I should be there to support others.

there are some things i don't know - how my toddler will be in the morning, whether I will be able to leave them at nursery, whether the nursery will take them.

AIBU to stay at home tomorrow.. or only if forced to (e.g. the nursery won't take toddler) - WWYD?

LucyBabs Wed 05-Oct-16 00:41:09

Whta happened to your dc and why would nursery not take them?

a8mint Wed 05-Oct-16 00:43:29

Yes. Just say your child has had accident and you need to take the day off to care for him. nobody will think twice

YuckYuckEwwww Wed 05-Oct-16 00:45:27

Sounds like a trauma so I wouldn't care if the nursery was happy to take him, I'ld still consider a day off as non-negotiable after a significant trauma for a young child

secrethideaway Wed 05-Oct-16 00:47:19

they fell from about a metre, landed on their face. nose bleed (not broken, it was checked), deep cut in bottom lip, lots of blood at the time, bruised face.

Alorsmum Wed 05-Oct-16 00:52:12

They? More than one toddler?
Or are you just trying to avoid stating what sex the child is?
Sounds a nasty fall glad he/she/they are ok. I'd play it by ear on the morning you all might be bouncing out of bed at usual time - maybe go in a bit late if toddler oversleeps but is fine
I bet you will all be ok in the morning and not need whole day off - toddlers are v resilient

AmeliaJack Wed 05-Oct-16 00:58:59

Play it by ear.

Get off the internet and go to bed smile
Assume you are going in tomorrow and if it looks out of the question tomorrow call in with explanations.

VioletBam Wed 05-Oct-16 01:40:21

Stay home.

OlennasWimple Wed 05-Oct-16 01:43:12

Send an email now to your line manager / person who could cover for you at the meeting saying that you have jsut got back from A&E with your DC, you hope to be in in the morning but you will need to see how they are when you get up in the morning and you will be in touch to confirm whether you are able to make it in or not.

Then do that!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Wed 05-Oct-16 01:56:43

YDNBU. Your children come first, and. That's the end of it

Longlost10 Wed 05-Oct-16 02:17:52

see how they are in the morning

OhTheRoses Wed 05-Oct-16 02:45:00

Why can't your partner stay home?

PatSajack Wed 05-Oct-16 02:52:47

Why so much secrecy about your child's sex? It's confusing. Or do you have multiple toddlers who all fell?

I agree you should wait and see how he/she is doing in the am. I don't think it's an automatic reason to stay home but it could be if she/he seems unable to attend nursery in the morning. I can't see any reason why nursery would refuse to take him/her.

VioletBam Wed 05-Oct-16 03:02:51

Pat some people prefer to post that way and it's fine and their choice. Not everyone wants to share their personal's not confusing at all!

mummytime Wed 05-Oct-16 03:04:08

Is the father around, could he take them to Nursery etc?

AmeliaJack Wed 05-Oct-16 04:01:52

There's nothing confusing about the OP at all.

Hopefully the OP is tucked up in bed having a good rest.

Pseudonym99 Wed 05-Oct-16 05:38:51

What makes you assume the OP isn't the father? They haven't stated what sex they are either!

Optimist3 Wed 05-Oct-16 05:49:22

Go in late morning 10 or 11. Have a slow start. Or do half a day.

midsummabreak Wed 05-Oct-16 05:51:14

Sounds scary, you poor things, hope you and your little one are feeling a little less shaken after the traumatic fall last night brewxxoo

RebootYourEngine Wed 05-Oct-16 06:15:15

Could you do a conference call so you are involved in the meeting but dont have to go in?

RuralLibran Wed 05-Oct-16 06:17:40

Hope you little one is ok this morning.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 05-Oct-16 06:29:25

I once took a day off from my teaching placement (so there was automatically another teacher to cover me) because my DD had been sick frequently throughout the night all over me and I'd eventually got about an hour sleep. When I went in the following day, my mentor told me that I needed to be in every day and it wasn't really an excuse. She had no children but was about 4m pregnant so already a perfect parent whose child needed no more care after the allowed maternity leave

People are funny about you taking time off for your children. My DD is far more important than my job.

pilotswife Wed 05-Oct-16 06:35:21

Wouldn't even think about going to work, just enjoy a quiet day with your toddler.

secrethideaway Wed 05-Oct-16 13:41:42

Thanks everyone, I did go - and with hindsight that was probably the wrong decision (they could have easily coped without me), and I returned home after the important meeting with a lot of mother's guilt..

I don't think my current employer expects me to go all out like that. As BeingATwat says, not all employers are equal and the mindset I have is from previous jobs where it could have been an issue.

Lone parent, 100% custody by the way wink

Toddler's face looks a picture but hopefully on the mend smile

altiara Wed 05-Oct-16 13:53:29

As a line manager, I would expect my team to put their DCs first. I would! Or if you did come in, I'd also be expecting it might not be for the whole day etc. Totally not unreasonable. Glad your employer is reasonable.

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