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To want to turn a negative into a positive?

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inboxmehun Tue 04-Oct-16 19:05:23

OK there are several comments about vague booking and vague status updates on facebook. I think personally that some sort of board game should be developed along the lines of - vague facebook status and your opponents get points according to the accuracy of what the status may mean. To take an example, something like:
'and so the crap begins again' - fb status I've come across.

Then opponents have to guess what it means or is it just empty attention seeking? The winner is the one who gets the most points. Obviously this game is very much in the embryonic stages - so any input as to how to develop it further - very welcome.

PS I used to be a renowned vaguebooker (shoot me now)

inboxmehun Tue 04-Oct-16 19:06:03

This game would be ludo/snakes and ladders for the 21st century!!

redexpat Tue 04-Oct-16 19:46:27

Off to dragons den you go! grin

inboxmehun Tue 04-Oct-16 19:47:32

Haha redex!!

HereIAm20 Tue 04-Oct-16 21:00:51

Do you get the chance to use a "what's up hun?" card at all? Or possibly a "pm me" card 😂😂

inboxmehun Tue 04-Oct-16 21:02:44

HereIAm - that's a good idea - those cards could take the place of 'chance' and 'community chest'!

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