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AIBU or is a full tummy tuck pretty easy to recover from compared to a c-section?

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Iwasjustabouttosaythat Tue 04-Oct-16 11:47:58

A found the ELCS really easy to recover from. Surely a tummy tuck is even easier? It's just the skin! Isn't it? Has anyone had both to compare? What were the results like?

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Tue 04-Oct-16 11:56:15

A = I. Obviously.

hunibuni Tue 04-Oct-16 12:22:29

A tummy tuck can be just as difficult to recover from especially if the abdominal muscles have to be repaired as well according to surgeon friend.

Bexta147 Tue 04-Oct-16 12:37:27

This is something I would like to know too. I recovered incredibly well from my sections too.

Loulou0 Tue 04-Oct-16 12:44:28

Same here. Would love a tummy tuck but scared of what I've heard about recovery.

peanut Tue 04-Oct-16 12:56:07

I've had 3 c sections and a tummy tuck and would say they are comparable, you are sore for a few days and you have to sleep propped up as lying flat is difficult but it's nothing too terrible and the results are amazing.

johnthepong Tue 04-Oct-16 13:17:16

I know several people that have had one (tummy tuck) and I would say it looks worse. They cut you from one hip to the other. It looks incredibly painful. In fact I've lost 11 stone and have a LOT of excess skin hanging down (2 sections didn't help) but all the money in the world wouldn't convince me to have a TT at the moment

Mombie2016 Tue 04-Oct-16 13:19:06

My DSM says full tummy tuck is much harder recovery than c section. But worth it.

PotOfYoghurt Tue 04-Oct-16 13:19:28

John fucking well done! 11 stone is ridiculous!

GlitteryFluff Tue 04-Oct-16 13:33:19

Amazing john well done!

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