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To be having a lovely day off sick.

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backinaminute Tue 04-Oct-16 10:48:54

I will caveat this with the fact that I am genuinely unwell. I am on the third day of a bad cold/virus thing. I've not been sleeping and I feel dreadful.

I asked if I could work from home today but when my boss heard me, they said No and to take the day off sick.

Children are either at school or nursery. I am on the sofa with a blanket. Just finished watching a film and now starting some crappy ITV crime drama box set off Sky.

I never watch my tv in the day or loll about like this - if I don't move, I can almost forget I feel like crap.

Before children, I never appreciated the luxury of being ill in peace and being left alone - I am having a lovely (snotty and shivery) time.

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