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To be grateful for my good looks

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Trefoil Mon 03-Oct-16 13:00:09

In very difficult times, being good looking has helped me soldier on

Mozfan1 Mon 03-Oct-16 13:00:48


idontlikealdi Mon 03-Oct-16 13:01:21

okey doke.

DustyOfSkye Mon 03-Oct-16 13:01:48

Good for you smile

AnyFucker Mon 03-Oct-16 13:01:55

That's nice, dear

BaronessBomburst Mon 03-Oct-16 13:02:09

Hello Samantha.
Decided to join MN then?

ALemonyPea Mon 03-Oct-16 13:02:14

Samantha is that you?

LeopardPrintFanny Mon 03-Oct-16 13:02:21

You and your gorgeous face are so ruddy ruddy brave.

Keep soldiering on your stunning thing you.


MatildaTheCat Mon 03-Oct-16 13:02:31

Is that you, Angelina?

ThoraGruntwhistle Mon 03-Oct-16 13:02:46

I don't know how you even find the time to soldier on. I'm so hot I can't get away from the mirror.

OhTheRoses Mon 03-Oct-16 13:04:26

Oh yes, me too. I'm possibly delusional though. Have me some of you - Fru, BBB, Hearts. They'd set it straight.

The old bird who lived under the bridge near my old house was gorgeous though grin

You've cheered me up OP.

SpeakNoWords Mon 03-Oct-16 13:04:52

Totally puzzled as to how being good-looking could help you "soldier on"?

Cocolepew Mon 03-Oct-16 13:04:57

You're an inspiration to us all.

Catsandbooks Mon 03-Oct-16 13:05:00

Congrats on your physical appearance OP flowers

baffledbyscience1 Mon 03-Oct-16 13:05:13

I wish I was good looking .........

Then even on a horrendous day when my depression is crippling, everything is going wrong, I'm in pain and desperate I might just catch a glimpse of myself and think "hey there you! You gorgeous beast why feel bad when you look sooooo good" hmm confused

That's how it works right?

DesolateWaist Mon 03-Oct-16 13:05:13

Good for you dear.

gratesnakes Mon 03-Oct-16 13:05:17

YANBU. Keep soldiering on. And I bet you're not just a pretty face either. It takes character to keep going. Good for you.

icouldabeenacontender Mon 03-Oct-16 13:05:53

Well It's good to hear you are feeling more positive.

DoYouRememberJustinBobby Mon 03-Oct-16 13:06:21

Don't forget to use sunscreen!

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Mon 03-Oct-16 13:06:58

Wow. Shame you are so vain hmm

PoppyBirdOnAWire Mon 03-Oct-16 13:07:14

Oh yeah. I smell something boringhmm

JenniferYellowHat1980 Mon 03-Oct-16 13:07:18

Congrats. I hope they hold up beyond 50 or so.

user1474926891 Mon 03-Oct-16 13:07:29

I'm not going to take the piss. It's good to have something to cling to when you feel bad.

Notsoyummi Mon 03-Oct-16 13:08:15

Remember looks fade u won't always be beautiful!

freshstart22 Mon 03-Oct-16 13:08:29

Hopefully you have big breasts and a perfect figure too.

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