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Been trying to get though to universal credits for days

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malificent7 Mon 03-Oct-16 09:09:43

Changed from tax credits to universal credits in July.
My circumstances have changed. I now work ft from 8. 45 to 4. 45 each day. I have updated this online... but no.... i called the helpline last Thursday and they told me to call bk the next day with wedkly lay slips otherwise payments may be delayed.
I was on the phone during the entire 1 hour lunch break listening to classicsl music in a queue.

Tried again this morning... still no luck.

Aibu to think that this is appauling customer service and that the goverment want to make it as difficult as possible.

Btw, i want s permanent ft job and not claim at all.

hopetobehappy Mon 03-Oct-16 09:17:29

Yes definitely true about the government making it deliberately hard. Appalling service. It makes me sick how they treat people, you can guarantee if it was something like council tax demands the service would be efficient. Don't feel guilty about having to claim universal credit either, it's not your fault employers don't pay enough wages/offer many full time positions.
Just keep trying is all I can suggest. Good luck.

SendARavenToRiverRun Mon 03-Oct-16 09:19:44

I believe it's deliberately made difficult.
Very true to say if you wanted to pay your council tax or something it was be far easier.
Hope you get it sorted soon.

NoahVale Mon 03-Oct-16 09:20:35

when i went online there was a Chat facility, so I updated my details to a person on chat.
is there such facility for you?

VladmirsPoutine Mon 03-Oct-16 09:25:09

Your best bet is to keep on trying. Their lines are often busy during the time you called. First thing in the morning is usually better.

I 100% agree that they are trying to make this harder. So much so that people unwittingly get caught up in the web of instructions and can't make heads nor tails of what is going on. You'll also find that the advisors themselves aren't clued up on the new procedure confused

malificent7 Mon 03-Oct-16 10:21:05

I mean any other agency would be completely slated for such service. Got through in the end. I now have to take my childcare reciepts to the job centre... which i cant do as im working. Will just post through door after hours. I pay £86 week childcare 😧 im very gratefil to get help but it would be easief to just do a job tgat paid well and was permanent instead of a zero hour contract surely.

weresquirrel Mon 03-Oct-16 10:56:40

Are you sure you are meant to be on UC and not tax credits? I didn't think UC had rolled out for families with children yet?

NoahVale Mon 03-Oct-16 11:00:04

can you scan childcare receipts via email?

Smrendell Mon 03-Oct-16 11:40:50

i didn't think UC had rolled out for families with children yet?

It hasn't and won't until the new year. Until then it's only for single people who aren't caring for anyone.

Pisssssedofff Mon 03-Oct-16 11:44:07

Somethings not right there OP

malificent7 Mon 03-Oct-16 12:16:05

Im in ine of the few areas where i can claim. It definately does include si gle oeople with kids now as there is a page on the website where you can claim 85% towards childcare costs. Im not surprised everyone is confused about it tbh. Even the people working at job centre are confused.

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