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To remind you that you can't vote

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Cherryskypie Sun 02-Oct-16 14:57:37

Unless you respond to the letters sent out by the council about the electoral roll.

You used to be able to ignore them if there were no changes to who can vote. Now you have to respond every time they contact you. Even though you did it what seems like 5 minutes ago, you have to do it again. If you don't get in touch with them you'll drop off the register.

Whichever way you want to vote, make sure you've confirmed your details or you won't be able to vote.

AndNowItsSeven Sun 02-Oct-16 14:59:04

Thanks, I didn't know that.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Sun 02-Oct-16 14:59:47

What? Right, thank you.

YouMakeMyDreams Sun 02-Oct-16 15:01:26

I haven't done ours yet but I'm getting pissed off at how often they come out to us.

Ninasimoneinthemorning Sun 02-Oct-16 15:03:17

Why have they done this though?

stretch Sun 02-Oct-16 15:03:22

I forgot to send mine back, some guy came round last week to enter it manually.

Cherryskypie Sun 02-Oct-16 15:16:20

I don't know why they changed it. It is going to mean people drop off the register.

I remember reading that some people discovered they couldn't vote in the Brexit poll because they had managed to miss the change. You used to be able to just ignore the letters in the pile of pointless mail that lives in the hall. They'll start hiding £5 notes in junk mail next.

Realhousewivesofshit Sun 02-Oct-16 15:28:15

Thanks good reminder.

It does seem a bloody waste of tax payers money to keep bloody asking though.

gillybeanz Sun 02-Oct-16 15:32:55

The most recent forms we had said you could be fined 1k for not sending them for the deadline, and they would visit your house to get the info, ours was posted the next day grin

MitzyLeFrouf Sun 02-Oct-16 15:34:01

I seem to be receiving a letter every three months or so. It's irritating!

Snowflakes1122 Sun 02-Oct-16 15:37:29

Is this why a man knocked at my door an hour ago asking me to sign a form confirming our details to stay on the register to vote?
Confused me at the time.

PoppyPicklesPenguin Sun 02-Oct-16 15:39:19

I get them what seems like all the time too

It's really annoying!

Muddlewitch Sun 02-Oct-16 15:39:51

Thank you. I hadn't realised this either.

ZippyNeedsFeeding Sun 02-Oct-16 15:55:09

I did ours straight away, by text. I think you can do it online as well though. I don't think there's much they could do to make it easier.

EverySongbirdSays Sun 02-Oct-16 15:55:28

Our council sends you a code that you then enter on a website or by text. I've done it both this year and last - seems a waste of resources.

DustyMaiden Sun 02-Oct-16 15:59:59

I've done it. Informed them that MIL is deceased.

Received a letter addressed to MIL asking her to confirm the information I gave is correct. Very tempted to reply.

specialsubject Sun 02-Oct-16 16:04:07

They come once a year and are clearly written. You can respond online.

Clearly the system.needs a bit of tweaking in some cases!

SquinkiesRule Sun 02-Oct-16 16:06:44

If theres no changes ours lets you do it by text. I did it my text and received a reply a few minutes later saying thank you.

Discobabe Sun 02-Oct-16 16:09:45

They send people round here if you don't send them back.

Cherryskypie Sun 02-Oct-16 16:09:52

It's not complicated but it does require you to act to stay on the roll.

Realhousewivesofshit Sun 02-Oct-16 16:10:01

Oh Dusty sorry about your mil but really that's quite hilarious

pointythings Sun 02-Oct-16 16:23:54

Our council sent someone out to households which hadn't responded - ours was one though I normally do it online. They were very friendly, not threatening at all.

Mind you, with Brexit I'll be taken off the register soon anyway.

T0ddlerSlave Sun 02-Oct-16 17:02:37

And do it promptly and online or via text if you can so the council doesn't have to pay to send out more reminders or pay for the return envelope.

ParForTheCourses Sun 02-Oct-16 17:03:47

I get a letter every few months. Pisses me off because in between that I get visits and moaned at for not going it.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 02-Oct-16 17:04:36

Mine says "you do not need to do anything if there have been no changes" in large letters. I'm presuming my council is just being slow on the uptake again!

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