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To be a git, on purpose?

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SuramarMom Sun 02-Oct-16 13:19:34

We are off on holiday to the Isle of Wight tomorrow.

I've packed mine and the children's cases. Just waiting on DH to pack his so we can drop them off at 2pm.

He's had all morning to pack but kept saying 'in a minute' and was still sat there five minutes ago watching a football match.

Now I know he a ridiculously superstitious when it comes to football.

So was I unreasonable to tell him that I have just cursed his team and they will be unable to score until he has packed his case.

He scoffed at me like any rational being would but I could then see it start to get to him as the seconds passed and his team were doing badly.

He is now studiously packing his things...


Soubriquet Sun 02-Oct-16 13:22:17

grin niiiiice

TheProblemOfSusan Sun 02-Oct-16 14:42:44

That is hysterical and I am stealing it for future use. And yanbu because it's his own fault for being superstitious 😂

MangoBiscuit Sun 02-Oct-16 14:44:37

Ha ha! I love it! grin

HereIAm20 Sun 02-Oct-16 15:19:05

He's a city fan 😂

SuramarMom Sun 02-Oct-16 16:03:01

Man U fan!

Best bit was he came downstairs as soon as he'd packed and walked through the door as they scored.

I just smiled smugly.

Then towards the end the other team scored and it was a draw.

I just told him that was for forgetting my foot rub.


CaptinMuma Sun 02-Oct-16 16:04:13

Funny, I love it! 😀

Realhousewivesofshit Sun 02-Oct-16 16:11:44


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