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to expect my husband to know where DD clothes are?

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lill72 Sun 02-Oct-16 10:51:03

DH went to take DD to swimming this morning. I had been up since 7am with DD's and then 15 minutes before they need to leave DH who has been in bed, gets up and then I have to run around in a flurry getting everything ready, with him asking me where the swimming costumes are in the cupboard. I just can't believe he does not know or does not care to remember. On top of this, I took DD to soft play yesterday so he could sort out our room - he wanted to sort old clothes and I asked if he could sort laundry. I come back and clothes have been folded but not put in DD's room etc and not put away. Not that much was done really. I think he knows I will do it eventually.

I just don't feel like he does enough in general. If I do not do it, we would live in a tip.I feel like it should be more equal. Thoughts?

Parker231 Sun 02-Oct-16 11:03:22

Leave him to it - when he does the laundry; ironing and putting it away is part of the job. Why did you race around sorting out swimming gear for him? If he knows that you will do it, of course he won't!

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