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It's a Facebook one (sorry !)

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lalalalalaaa Sat 01-Oct-16 01:24:01

Anyone using Facebook might have seen this week's trend of 'love your spouse' where you share a different picture for 7 days of you with your OH then tag in a friend to 'keep the celebration of love going' (yuk!)

DH and I are not in the best place at the min, it's not the end of the line but we've not been happy for a while and have issues to work through. We'll get through it, I'm sure, but things haven't been great recently. AIBU to think that my best friend (who is aware that we've not been getting on) is out of line for tagging me in on this latest stupid thing? I'm not quite sure what she was thinking!! I'm now in the awkward position of either ignoring it (which others will notice maybe) or going through the farce of trying to find a photo every day where we're looking happy! (Not many taken recently!!)

I only have FB for keeping in touch with friends and family far away. Why do people start off these stupid things?!?

JellyBelli Sat 01-Oct-16 01:26:04

Ask her privately to remove the tag. It was out of order for her to do that.

Evilstepmum01 Sat 01-Oct-16 01:28:40

Your friends out of order, especially if shes aware of your situation. Just put a comment on like' Sorry, I dont do nominations or chain messages'!

I hate these stoopid nomination posts, christ if you like someones post now, youre suddenly getting pm's saying you have to share and comment and nominate people.
Hope you and DH can sort things out. Maybe PM your friend and ask what shes playing at?

StrawberryLime Sat 01-Oct-16 01:29:17

Oh, I love FB and always update with inane shite nobody else is probably interested in. grin
When it comes to tagging me in inane crap like this though? Count me out. If I am tagged, I just ignore. Seriously, it's not written down in law that you must respond and put up cheesy loved up pictures, and seriously no one will care or notice if you don't.
As for your friend, I'm sure she just won't have been thinking and if gone along with the sheeplike mentality of posting and tagging, she'll have just automatically tagged you in as a friend to do it, nothing more!

DrinkReprehensibly Sat 01-Oct-16 01:30:15

You should be able to remove the tag yourself without saying anything to her. Your name will show but at least it won't be clickable or appear on your timeline.

I'd just ignore it. I doubt anyone will care if you respond. I never respond to these things regardless of what they are. Can't be arsed!

StrawberryLime Sat 01-Oct-16 01:30:48

Why do people feel obliged to say stuff like "I don't do these chain tags?" Just ignore and don't do them! I do.

LilQueenie Sat 01-Oct-16 01:30:58

ignore it. its not something you have to do.

lalalalalaaa Sat 01-Oct-16 01:33:37

There's no malice in it, I'm sure. She just won't have thought before doing it. She knows I hate that kind of stuff though because when the whole 'photos that make be proud to be a mother' thing went around, we talked about how that might be upsetting for people who have fertility problems. Thank you for reassuring me that I'm not just being a misery. Might just come off FB for a bit until this latest crazy dies down!

lalalalalaaa Sat 01-Oct-16 01:34:19

me proud.. sorry typo

Cactuar Sat 01-Oct-16 01:34:55

Ignore it no-one will know or care why you have ignored it - I promise you they really won't

sooperdooper Sat 01-Oct-16 01:37:34

Ignore and delete the tag, nobody will care

Somerville Sat 01-Oct-16 01:40:03

Ignore it.

I did.

I'm widowed, BTW, so if it makes you feel any better, my friend is more thoughtless than your friend.

Redglitter Sat 01-Oct-16 01:41:57

Just ignore it. Just because you've been tagged doesn't mean you're obliged to

Amethyst81 Sat 01-Oct-16 01:43:20

Ignore it, it would be more obvious if you commented saying you don't do these. Pretty insensitive of your friend too, I hate these sorts of chain themes, they are really naff and usually false.

lalalalalaaa Sat 01-Oct-16 01:46:04

Somerville, I've read some of your posts (I'm more of a lurker than a poster) and I'm so sorry about your DH. I can't believe a friend would think it appropriate to tag you in on this, do people not use their brains??

You're all right, no one but me will actually care about this. No one will probably even notice. I'll stop worrying about it now!

Somerville Sat 01-Oct-16 01:50:17

I think she meant me to do it about my fiancé, and just didn't think through the fact that it said spouse challenge, and that he's not (yet).

Even when he is, I won't be doing cringey things like this. grin

Hope things improve for you and your DH. flowers

WetPaint4 Sat 01-Oct-16 01:58:29

Another one saying ignore it. When I see these Facebook trends I don't even notice people who don't participate, I just roll my eyes at those who do because I know many couples just can't be arsed with any of that anyway, happy or not.

PickachuPurrlease Sat 01-Oct-16 02:17:51

Just change your settings so no one can tag you without your approval

I'm not on FB anymore because it drove me crazy

puglife15 Sat 01-Oct-16 02:20:27

Ignore it. I never do this shit and never acknowledge it, and actually my friends don't tend to tag me because a) they don't do that shit either or b) they know better

sykadelic Sat 01-Oct-16 02:48:12

Ignore it. This was doing the rounds about a month ago (surprised it's still going honestly).

I was tagged in it (twice) but I don't have a bunch of photos of DH and I on FB so I'd have to find and scan photos of us and it's simply too much faff, so I ignored it.

Out of interest, you can set your FB so that you need to approve tags so I left it sit there pending my approval for a couple of days so that when I finally approved it it was so far down in my timeline and others feed that they wouldn't have seen it anyway.

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