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To go out tomorrow night by myself?!

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StrawberryLime Sat 01-Oct-16 01:21:17

Name changed, long standing and posting regular but was due a change!
I don't think I'm BU.
Married, kids, have the night off tomorrow for the first time in FOREVER (well, it seems that long as babysitters very rarely happens nowadays) and no kids until lunch time the next day.
DH on the other hand I can just see not being arsed to come out. Basically said as much.
Never wants to go anywhere, do anything, I want to go out for a bit just because I CAN, goddamit.
If I was to say as much to family when we drop the kids off tomorrow though I'd be met with a [shocked] face and they could never do such a thing and isn't it a shame that DH isn't going out too.
Yes, I'd rather he came out too, but in the absence of him coming out, I'm thinking of going out to see a band by myself and have several drinks!
Surely it's not too shocking to see women out by themselves in pubs?! confused
Oh, and why does that always automatically mean woman by herself means she needs to be spoken to/sat with?! Sometimes we're just enjoying our own company!

sooperdooper Sat 01-Oct-16 01:24:58

I don't blame you at all, but does your DH never what to do anything ever? Isn't that an issue for you? How bloody dull, what does he do with his time??

StrawberryLime Sat 01-Oct-16 01:35:22

Yeah, he does do stuff and go places, but lately when it comes to going out anywhere other than work he'd rather be at home.
Does anyone else go out occasionally by themselves? Haven't done it for years but would have no qualms doing it again tomorrow night.
Everyone else always says "ooh no, I could never go out by myself."
Just why? confused

RunningLulu Sat 01-Oct-16 01:49:17

I travel a lot for work & often go out by myself in the evenings if I'm away. Usually go to the cinema/bar etc.

BedknobsandBullhooks Sat 01-Oct-16 01:49:31

I often I wish MORE often go out by myself. I don't see anything wrong with it at all! What IS wrong with it? Men do it don't they. Admittedly there's usually someone I know in the places I would go to but not always and I am quite happy to see a band or show by myself. As long as you're careful then why not smile

PickachuPurrlease Sat 01-Oct-16 01:51:38

I love going out by myself grin

I go to a chain restaurant, with my iPad and I order my favourite food and a glass of wine and I sit and watch or tip tap away

It's heaven

sallysparrow157 Sat 01-Oct-16 02:00:00

I love going out by myself. Been to gigs and comedy shows, the cinema, pubs and restaurants many many times alone. Means I get to enjoy a film/band/meal that is entirely to my taste without having to consider anyone else

ecuse Sat 01-Oct-16 02:47:45

no problem going out alone, but it seems a shame to waste a kid free night to do it. you could do it any night.

FairyDogMother11 Sat 01-Oct-16 03:18:42

I love going out by myself! I take myself for lunch, for drinks, coffee, gigs, cinema, whatever I fancy. DP does not understand at all how I am so happy to enjoy things alone but I've always enjoyed my own company. Don't waste the evening, definitely go and have fun with or without him, you'll regret it otherwise. Have a great night, I'm very jealous as am working grin

BitOutOfPractice Sat 01-Oct-16 03:36:03

Go for it. I have done it and it's great. I've also holidayed alone. Love it!

confusedandemployed Sat 01-Oct-16 03:40:01

Do it. I do all the time. It's brilliant! I'm married with a DC BTW, but DH doesn't really socialise (long story...)

MistressDeeCee Sat 01-Oct-16 03:47:28

I went to a pub gig by myself a couple of Thursdays back. I really wanted to see this band, I do go out with friends but they aren't into this band, OH wasn't around and so off I went. I did get talking to some people but if I hadn't Id still have been fine. On occasion I go to the cinema alone too, if I really want to get into the film.

Go out if you want to! Life's too short to care what other people think, as long as you can get there and back safely then go for it. Its a shame your DH doesn't seem to be into going out but at least thats not stopping you.

Enjoy yourself

VioletBam Sat 01-Oct-16 03:49:16

My friend does. She first did it when she lived next door to a nice pub. She wa new to the area and popped in for a G&T alone. She chatted to the barman....she often did it after that and now will go into pub alone for a couple of drinks if she wants to. She's quite gregarious and will chat to people if they talk to her.

My MIL who is 67 will do it too. She went into a heaving local pub near my house to watch the rugby with all the lads! Didn't know a soul and didn't care.

BastardGoDarkly Sat 01-Oct-16 04:07:31

I love going out without my DH, with friends, but I'd rather not go out than go out alone, I'd be bored and want to go home.

notangelinajolie Sat 01-Oct-16 04:09:33

Go out!. DH's idea of heaven is a comfy sofa, a glass of red wine and a good film. I like going to the theatre or a concert with maybe a drink in the bar before hand. He sometimes comes with me and I sometimes cuddle up on the sofa with him but if we both want to do different things we do.

RochelleGoyle Sat 01-Oct-16 04:33:21

YANBU. Hope you enjoy your night out. smile

FurryLittleTwerp Sat 01-Oct-16 04:34:13

I quite often go to the cinema or to concerts by myself. Not odd at all smile

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 01-Oct-16 04:37:00

The best thing about getting older is doing what I like and not giving a shit. Restaurants, pubs, cinemas are all great places to go on your own!

Fill your boots.

minnymoobear Sat 01-Oct-16 05:09:30

I took my lovely self out to breakfast yesterday - gorgeous day and and free wifi on my phone is way better than talking to someone else sometimes smile
Love going out by myself and with myself xx

Broken1Girl Sat 01-Oct-16 05:40:54

Go for it, nothing wrong at all with a woman going out alone. I do.
As an aside, if this is a sudden marked change in DH, that he's lost interest in doing things, could he be depressed?

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