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to visit dr over poo?!

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yellowsunlight Fri 30-Sep-16 16:19:33

Gross topic and not one I feel comfortable discussing in it's over to you guys sorry.

Basically about 8 weeks ago I noticed a very distinct change in the smell of my wind/poo. Without being too graphic it is very sulphuric/potent. Complete with regular semi-squits 95% of the time.

At first I thought it was stress, then a tummy upset but 8 weeks later I'm wondering if it could be anything serious and if I should visit my GP? Or if I'm being an absolute hysterical hypocrondiact who shouldn't waste the Drs time????!!!!

Soubriquet Fri 30-Sep-16 16:21:03

Aren't you supposed to see a doctor if your bowel movements change for so long anyway?

GeorgeTheThird Fri 30-Sep-16 16:23:44

If it's been consistent for eight weeks i think id pop in.

Fluffsnuts Fri 30-Sep-16 16:23:54

Please do see your GP. Most probably nothing, but always good to be sure!

itsmine Fri 30-Sep-16 16:24:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pettywoman Fri 30-Sep-16 16:27:24

Take a sample to speed diagnosis up. Go to the pharmacy for a pot. Fill at least half full.

Any blood or mucous?

And don't worry. It could just be stress or an allergy or something.

Lazyafternoon Fri 30-Sep-16 16:35:54

Go to the Dr! They won't think you're being silly.

Every time I go to the Dr thinking it's something silly she always says - if you're worried then it's not silly. Like when I thought I had a lump in my boob and panicked for days I had cancer, but it turned out that nothing to worry about, but perhaps jogging for the first time in months in a poorly fitting sports bra and it being a few days before AF might be the reason they felt weird.

Anyway, back to OP. There was an article on BBC news the other day about bowel cancel (I'm sure it's not what you have!) but people are too embarrassed to go to Dr and discuss bowel movements. There are other things like IBS, medication, stress, diet etc that can affect bowel movements. Your Dr won't bat an eyelid. Just go get it checked out to give you peace of mind.

elle2pay Fri 30-Sep-16 17:08:19

Please go to the GP. I went for something similar, turns out I was extremely vitamin b12 deficient. They are now looking at why the levels were so low.

yellowsunlight Fri 30-Sep-16 17:10:08

Thank you I am going to try and make an appointment for next week. I'm sure it's nothing and I'm not worried as such it's just strange as I've never had anything like if before. And I wasn't sure if it was the type of thing i sould bother a dr with or not! Going to be a hugely embarrassing convo that I'm not looking forward to!!!

RatherBeRiding Fri 30-Sep-16 17:15:37

It won't be embarrassing for the doctor, just remember that. This is someone who spends their days with fingers in every orifice imaginable, discussing pee, poo, mucous, pus, blood, infections, wounds.........

It's all in a day's work for your average GP so please don't let embarrassment stop you going! Could be anything or nothing but it needs checking out.

SpanielLedWeaning Fri 30-Sep-16 17:37:05

I ignored my symptoms of ulcerative colitis for nearly a year and ended up being admitted to hospital because it got so bad.

Please go see your gp!

It might be something. It might be nothing. You won't know until you ask.

yorkshapudding Fri 30-Sep-16 18:09:06

Poo is just a normal bodily function and one that Doctor's are very used to discussing, the GP won't bat an eyelid.

LotsOfShoes Fri 30-Sep-16 18:37:22

Absolutely go. It's not silly at all. It's probably nothing too serious but you do need to go. Both DH and I have had problems with IBS etc and have had to see doctors quite a few times over the years on this exact subject. Be warned that it's quite standard to ask for a stool sample - nothing to worry; all very straightforward.

ItsJustNotRight Fri 30-Sep-16 21:02:22

Please go to your Dr. I thought DH had piles. I laughed. He had cancer. He's OK now though smile. Do get it checked out soon.

roasted Fri 30-Sep-16 21:08:16

Changes in bowel movements are exactly the sort of things that may not be serious but can be serious, but everyone is too damned embarrassed to talk about. Good on you for taking control of your health.

nocoolnamesleft Fri 30-Sep-16 21:17:02

There's a real problem with gut symptoms: nobody bloody talks about poo, because we're so anally retentive as a nation. So there is a lower rate of knowing what is truly normal/slightly worrying/really worrying, and people don't seem to really have the vocabulary to even describe their poo. Which means that problems that could be sorted much more easily if caught earlier are not seen until far later.

Go. It may well be very much easily sortable. And if it isn't, then you need to know, to get things started.

HPandBaconSandwiches Fri 30-Sep-16 21:25:34

Definitely go to see your GP and take a sample with you. Don't be embarrassed, it's a completely normal and sensible thing to see a doctor about.

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