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chocolatecakemakesmefat Fri 30-Sep-16 09:20:02

I need your guys help not sure if I'm being ridiculous or not we live in a 4 in a block type flat we're upstairs and I'm terrified of being broken into I'm fine during the day but as soon as it's dark I shake like a leaf ! I didn't get to sleep last night till 1:30 am as I kept hearing little noises outside and I just can't sleep! We have 2 lock on the front door and an internal lock (can only be locked/unlocked from inside) is there anything else I could do to make our flat more secure? I've never been this bad but the area we live isn't great (lots of drug addicts and break ins lately) ! Thanks for helping I need to sleep again!

chocolatecakemakesmefat Fri 30-Sep-16 10:11:45

Anyone sad?

tibbawyrots Fri 30-Sep-16 10:17:04


What you're feeling isn't quite right, it sounds to me that you're extra anxious which is a self perpetual cycle where you're anxious in case you hear a noise and when you do hear a noise your mind tells you that you're right to be so anxious because you heard a noise.

You've got a door lock that can only be opened from the inside.

I would suggest seeing your gp about your anxiety in the first instance. You say "we" live, I'd it just you and children or you and your partner?

So sorry you feel this badly xx

chocolatecakemakesmefat Fri 30-Sep-16 10:30:25

Yes we partner and 2 kids oldest is disabled so that just makes it worse I think , I don't know why it's got as bad as this lately my partners fed up as he's been woken up several times at night when he's got work the next morning and we're both completely knackered sadsad

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