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To give job a bit longer or quit

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MsHybridFanGirl Thu 29-Sep-16 21:08:15

Some advice needed please!

Brief background - whilst volunteering at my child's school last term was approached by Head of Senco regarding a TA role - one to one to an autistic boy.
Was very dubious as no experience working either with kids or with kids with autism. Basically talked into the role as no one else had applied!
Fast forward 2 months - hate the role and find it so difficult - only had a 2 hour chat/training with someone to help me in the role.
I like the boy I'm looking after but find it very hard to make him work and worry constantly that I'm hindering his progress.

On the other side, love the classroom and the role of "general TA" with the other kids which I do as much as I can (teacher knows of the problem and agrees I'd be a good TA).

My boss - head of Senco - thinks I have an "attitude" when it comes to the issue. I've said repeatedly that I'm struggling only to be told "this is the job you're doing".

Two days after I accepted job an advert went up for a general class TA - when I queried this was told I would need lots of experience for general TA work (but not one to one to a child with special needs!) however they employed another mum with no experience.

Job due to last till July - do I try and stick it out till then in the hope of getting a general TA role? To me this is unfair to the boy I'm looking after. But if I leave now he will have to get used to another TA and he finds change massively upsetting.


SecretSpy Thu 29-Sep-16 21:12:28

Please ask for a formal meeting with your line manager( probably either the ht or the senco) to discuss your progress. Tell them you feel you're struggling and ask for training. Make sure it's recorded.

I'd hate to think anyone was trying to do this role without any idea of how to support a child with sen.

MsHybridFanGirl Thu 29-Sep-16 22:26:01

Thank you I'm going to ask for more training at the least

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