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To be mildly amused **parking one**

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wheresthel1ght Thu 29-Sep-16 14:56:32

I am always aghast at the parking posts and never quite believe people have the brass neck. And yet here I am sat outside school waiting to pick my 3 yo dd up (sensibly Parkes on a side road near school not blocking anyone in) and some twat has ignored the designated parking space and pulled in in front of my car and is now blocking someone's driveway.

Would I be utterly unreasonable to tell him he needs to move?!

Arfarfanarf Thu 29-Sep-16 14:59:23

are you blocked? If you don't need them to move so that you can get out, I wouldn't bother.

Someone who parks inconsiderately isn't the sort of person who's going to give a crap about the driver behind them telling them so.

Hell, they probably wouldn't care if the owner of the driveway came out. They aren't going to give a shit if you get out of your car to tell them to move from a driveway. They're likely to simply argue with you or ask you what's it to you.

If they were a reasonable person, they wouldn't be parking unreasonably in the first place.

DuckingAunts Thu 29-Sep-16 15:00:32

Some bellend parked right in front of the nursery doors the other day, meaning that the gap to get into the car park/turning area beyond was too narrow. And so there were cars backing up out of the entrance.

I couldn't believe the idiocy. They took aaaaaggeeesss too. I'd gone in, collected the toddler and left and they still hadn't moved.

I hope they were suitably shamed in front of the amassed cars when they finally did come out.

wheresthel1ght Thu 29-Sep-16 16:14:31

I erred against saying anything as they were clearly picking up from the same school as me (there are 2 next door to each other) but they were still there when I left. The house owner had come out but I was too much of a wuss to openly gawp while she had a go at them!

I can't believe the brass neck of people! No wonder there are so many parking threads on here!!

Maybe I should suggest penguin bollards to the home owner next time grin

Anniegetyourgun Thu 29-Sep-16 16:25:52

I like the ones who think that area marked with zigzags just outside the school is being kept clear especially for their personal use. Because they are dropping their child off. Unlike the other 300 or so parents who managed to park a few yards further up the road and, you know (if you will excuse a four-letter word), walk.

Cherylene Thu 29-Sep-16 16:27:08

I knew someone who used to park their large American people carrier over the entrance to the picking up layby at school because they could not drive it down the layby, because of the other cars parked there (and because it was too big).

Faffed around getting DC* into car, then turned round and drove out the same entrance. Totally oblivious to all the other traffic waiting, or blocked from waiting, in fact didn't care. Did it for the whole 7 years sad

*Dear Child

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