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Newborn and Holiday

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Modestandatinybitsexy Wed 28-Sep-16 16:43:52

I've just discovered I'm pregnant with a much longed for PFB. My due date should be the end of May.

Problem is that I have a family holiday to Italy summer 2017 planned. DM has booked the flights/villa/close family friends have been orchestrated. It's supposed to be a holiday reminiscent of one we had years ago that both families really enjoyed.

How unreasonable would I be to take a relatively newborn baby abroad in the height of summer to a villa which may or may not have air-con?

I wouldn't like to change plans yet. DH is pointing out that as we're both very pale people our offspring is also inclined to be adverse to sunlight and heat.

Sirzy Wed 28-Sep-16 16:46:28

I would go if the baby is likely to be over about 6 weeks. Could it be pushed back to late summer?

MidnightRunner87 Wed 28-Sep-16 16:47:18

Not unreasonable at all, I went back to Cyprus when my lo was 8 weeks old.

Blackfellpony Wed 28-Sep-16 16:49:00

I had my baby in May of this year.

I had an uncomplicated birth and settled baby but still chose not to go away this summer as I didn't think I would enjoy it. I found it hard enough getting about with baby when staying close to home in the early days grin

It would have been doable definitely but I'm not sure how much of a holiday it would have been if that makes sense.

Florin Wed 28-Sep-16 16:50:06

We took our baby away at 3 weeks and 12 weeks. Both were bliss as their needs and stuff you need are so simple. Taking a toddler away is much more difficult. Sounds like you will get lots of help while you are there too so be nice for you and your husband to have the odd hour off to catch up together if you feel like it. All babies are sensitive to sunlight, take good suncream light thin cotton clothes that cover arms and legs and some sort of sunshade for the pram.

TeaBelle Wed 28-Sep-16 16:51:45

Babies under 6 mo the shouldn't be in direct sunlight so irrespective of skin tone, baby should be fine. It will be much easier st that stage than toddlerdom, go for it!

DollyBarton Wed 28-Sep-16 16:51:48

Anything over 4 weeks will be grand. You may still be a bit loopy but the holiday will be nice. Just make sure you are ready to go with baby's passport!

Florin Wed 28-Sep-16 16:51:58

Oh and when he was tiny he slept better with lots of noise so we sat by the water in trendy bars sipping the odd glass of wine while he slept through it-it was heaven!

CMOTDibbler Wed 28-Sep-16 16:54:40

Depends on your family and who else is going tbh. It could be horrible as you are left trying to keep the baby quiet as everyone else lies in, then goes to the pool and drinks and you are left inside sober and doing everything you would at home but without your own bed and stuff.

Or you could have the sort of family where baby is whisked off after you've fed them in the morning, you get to sleep in, breakfast is made for you, and its a lovely experience where people make allowances for there being a tiny baby and tired new parents.

Are there small children in either family?

MrsHulk Wed 28-Sep-16 16:55:24

Problem is it's unpredictable. I know people who did take young babies away, and it was fine, but at 4 weeks post birth I could still barely walk, the baby had needed to be in special care, he wasn't feeding properly, I was all over the place with PND. You really can't control what kind of birth or baby you have. It may be great, and it may be completely impossible.

So if there's any way to push the holiday back till later, I'd go for that!

TheMidnightHour Wed 28-Sep-16 16:55:28

We took our baby loads of places, including hot ones, but you do need to work out the practical details eg will you have time to get a passport if they're late? Will your family be helpful or complain about the change in schedule? Do you like to travel and are you generally relaxed about it? Can you cancel if you're not feeling up to it? Will you have help during traveling?

My top tips are to start filling in the passport paperwork now (know who your signatory is eg) and buy a sling your OH is willing to use so he can carry and rock the baby while pulling the luggage. Delegate everything you can to others on the trip and just relax and enjoy your baby smile

My DD went on her first flight at 8 weeks and is playing in the sand in her 8th country ten months later. It's doable!

Secretmetalfan Wed 28-Sep-16 17:32:03

It should be fine if you have straight forward birth and recovery. If there are complications, the baby has reflux/can't sleep/ medical issues or you have a bad tear or c section it could be hell. Have you paid for the holiday? If so I'd just see at the time. If not I wouldn't pay then see nearer the time

OhNoNotMyBaby Wed 28-Sep-16 17:35:54

I would go. There appear be lots of other people going and you have the perfect excuse to do nothing, to lie in bed all day (because you didn't sleep well), to take lots of books that you may or not read, and to just relax.

When baby does sleep you can go outside by the pool and chat, and then disappear indoors when you need to.

seminakedinsomebodyelsesroom Wed 28-Sep-16 17:37:07

How old would baby be? In theory it's fine and travelling with a small baby is a lot easier than an older one. We went away with our 2nd when he was 10 weeks old (and a 4 year old). Like others have said if birth is straight forward and you and the baby are well there is nothing at all to stop you going. To be honest the heat/sun element wouldn't worry me. But a new baby, especially a first baby, is beyond overwhelming at times, so it's possible it will feel a bit much when the time comes.

OhNoNotMyBaby Wed 28-Sep-16 17:37:58

Oh yes TheMidnightHour - passports. I completely forgot about that. I do remember how hysterically funny it was trying to prop up a 3 month old on the sofa in order to take a passport-worthy photo though. How the hell do you do it with a newborn!?

StrawberryQuik Wed 28-Sep-16 17:50:32

We went to snappy snaps with weeks old DS. They put a white sheet over a bouncy chair and jiggled things in front of him till he open his eyes. Cost 7 or 8 pounds.

We've just got back from Italy with DS who 5.5 months, everything was fine and the tiny village shop had baby essentials in stock. He did scream/vomit the whole of the landing on the flight home tho.

T0ddlerSlave Wed 28-Sep-16 17:50:59

You lie the newborn on the floor on a white bed sheet to get their passport photo. Good luck getting their eyes open though!

T0ddlerSlave Wed 28-Sep-16 17:51:30

Ooh bouncy chair sounds better.

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Wed 28-Sep-16 17:53:22

I took my 8 week old to Italy this year. It was great. Not problem at all.

OllyBJolly Wed 28-Sep-16 17:56:41

Babies are very transportable. Especially one who can sleep in a pram while you have romantic dinners. Once they are mobile, or there's a sibling, your time is up. Travel while you can!

Modestandatinybitsexy Wed 28-Sep-16 18:07:16

Thanks everyone, you've been very reassuring, especially to worried DH.

This would be the first baby in the families and I think the novelty would mean everyone chips in.

Still slightly worried about timings and in case the birth is complicated but that will have to wait!

TheMidnightHour Sat 01-Oct-16 08:44:59

Get travel insurance before you book that covers cancellation for medical reasons. Be clear that you're expecting and you should be covered for some of the costs if you have to cancel.

We got a local photographer to do our passport shot. Cost a tenner. DD was 2 weeks old and had her eyes shut but we got a 5 year passport anyway.

I packed far too much for that first trip - new babies really don't need much and ours preferred being held over anything - but I think that taking all the crap helps stem some of the anxieties. Eg take your own car seat, cot whatever if it makes you worry less

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