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to ask how to change a few things

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cjt110 Wed 28-Sep-16 14:34:29

My son turned 2 in August.

We are trying, unsuccessfully, to get him off his dummy and bottle. He uses them for comfort but it is also a hinderance as he will cry out in the night every night when he loses his dummy despite eleventy million being strewn around him. He will not go to sleep without a dummy.

I dont remember the last time he slept through and I am tired of it. We've tried attaching it to a teddybear thingy and he just pulls it off and loses it.

We also battle at nappy changes and are unsure if he is ready to start potty training. He will happy run around in a wet/soiled nappy. If, say first thing in the morning, his nappy is full and he wees and it leaks he will go "Uh oh!" The same if he has a wee if he is without his nappy. Both of these have happened over the day week. Yesterday he had no nappy on and said "Uh oh" as a little bit of wee was had, he then ran off and promptly emptied his full bladder whilst running around so he seems to have knowledge of going to some degree.

So, can anyone help with any of the above? Many thanks

manyathingyouknow Wed 28-Sep-16 14:52:55

Oh my goodness place marking.

We got my son off bottle by just refusing to give him it. Battle of wills but if he wants milk he knows the drill.

Dummy. He'll be 18 and still using it I'm sure. blush

cjt110 Wed 28-Sep-16 14:56:23

The bottle, we are cracking to some degree but cannot get rid completely but the dummy - it's the hardest thing.

OracleofDelphi Wed 28-Sep-16 15:04:16

I dont think its ideal to break both of the habits at the same time, tbh

Im prepared to be told IABU but I dont think a dummy or a bottle at 2 is a problem in itself. If its comfort and he needs it then let him have it. Im guessing hes not having a bottle at night? DD had dummy and bottle until about 3.5.

With regard the the dummy getting lost at night she had her favourite teddy. I got one of the dummy clips and broke the clip part and sewed the really strong ribbon part using upholstry needle into the teddies ear. That way the clip couldnt come off the teddy. Then I attached the dummy to the end with the velcro from the dummy clip - this velcro was pretty strong so it didnt come off easily either. The instead of looking for the dummy in a big cot / bed they are looking for the favourite teddy which is far easier. This totally resolved middle of the night dummy loss - for us!

For bottles I just weaned them down, until she only had them when she hurt herself when she was about 3 - so if she fell over in the garden she would cry for milky bottle. And then one day we gave them to the bottle fairy and bought her lots of nice cups instead.

For nappy training - wait until you are sure they are ready. I waited until DS was 2.5 and DD was 2.7 and they both did it in a weekend. I wouldnt be taking about bottle, dummy and trying to potty train all at the same time as it will just be far too much

OracleofDelphi Wed 28-Sep-16 15:05:19

Oh and when she was 3.5 she gave the dummies to the dummy fairy and never wanted them again.... I always think wait until their old enough to understand with pretty much all of the things I do with DD and DS

CodyKing Wed 28-Sep-16 15:09:57

I removed all three dummies - that's it - all in the bin lost!

Took 2 slightly unsettled nights but they never asked again

2 is old enough to understand

Same with bottle - I put them in the bin when they were 1 - because I was fed up of washing them!!

You can do it - just be a bit tougher

allowlsthinkalot Wed 28-Sep-16 16:39:04

I would take the dummy away cold turkey. A few nights and he will have forgotten about it. Be prepared to get up and cuddle, reassure etc for a few nights while he learns to settle without it.

He is very young to potty train so I would leave that until the sleep issue is sorted otherwise you're making life very hard for you and him.

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