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Aibu to want to take dd to the doctor

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whoputthecatontheshelf Wed 28-Sep-16 07:40:28

My dd has loads of rashes and so they kind of blur into one BUT the last couple of months she has had one around her face and today it's worse again.

I woke dh up to show him and suggest that I should take her to he docs but he is saying I am majorly over reacting and she's fine.

We are expecting a big delivery today so he would have to stay home if she had a doctors appointment as we don't know what time it's coming!

Aibu to think this bad enough to ask for an appointment?

I have tried various creams on her long term face issues but no luck and now I feel like it's bad enough to make a same day appointment.

Aibu or is dh?

00100001 Wed 28-Sep-16 07:43:20

Take her to the doctors!

Sod the delivery, that can be rearranged

tissuesosoft Wed 28-Sep-16 07:43:25

YANBU!! It looks similar to an allergic reaction. If it hasn't disappeared after a couple of months, doctors is logical! Hope your little girl is better soon flowers

BlossomHillOne Wed 28-Sep-16 07:44:52

What has the GP said is wrong in the past. It look like eczema - not sure that it would need a same day appointment. Are you using emollients several times a day?

SoupDragon Wed 28-Sep-16 07:45:34

I'm not sure it requires a same day appointment if it isn't bothering her but I think it definitely needs an appointment.

icklekid Wed 28-Sep-16 07:46:17

If she has had the rash for a while book an appointment but probably doesn't need to be emergency one today. You could also take her to pharmacist as they can be helpful

SoupDragon Wed 28-Sep-16 07:46:28

Are the creams youve used prescribed by the GP?

whoputthecatontheshelf Wed 28-Sep-16 07:46:50

I have not taken her to the gp about the face rash - we went when she was younger about a rash she had on her body and we were given cream for it but that's gone now.

whoputthecatontheshelf Wed 28-Sep-16 07:49:23

Soup - they were ones I got from the pharmacy like e45 . I asked therevwhen it was just around her mouth.

BlossomHillOne Wed 28-Sep-16 07:49:24

So which creams have you tried on her face that haven't worked?

whoputthecatontheshelf Wed 28-Sep-16 07:51:50

I have tried e45, aveeno and when I first started I just tried sudocream .

SoEverybodyDance Wed 28-Sep-16 08:21:28

I agree that it looks a bit like eczema, which my little one suffered from terribly at this age. I think that because the dry skin spreads around your little one's eye.

If it is, be careful about creams like E45 or aqueous cream (which my GP prescribed for me), sometimes they make the situation worse. Does your GP surgery have a GP who specialises in skin disorders? Do you have a baby clinic run out of the GPs? If so they might be the best person to see because they will be more experienced. We found cetreban cream very helpful.

SquawkFish Wed 28-Sep-16 08:22:51

Make a routine appointment with the doctor (as it has been a couple of months already).

Keep a sign out for things that would change this into an emergency - struggling to breath, lips changing colour or any swelling.

Ask the pharmacist for some advice on what is best to put on it.

eatsleephockeyrepeat Wed 28-Sep-16 08:27:07

Just to eliminate the obvious, what do you clean her face with? If it's baby wipes I would switch to warm, damp cloths. If it's cloths/muslins, switch washing powder or reduce the frequency of wiping.

Looks like eczema to me. My ds used to have terrible eczema including on his face - as others have said, emolient and/or barrier creams to stop the drool and wiping aggravating it. He has also had facial rashes from immediate allergic reactions which don't look anything like this, they look like nettle rash on his face. Saying that, eczema can be a type of delayed allergic reaction and you said she's had it on her body before?

I wouldn't get a same day appointment for that, but I would get an appointment if you can't clear it up, probably to discuss possible non-IGE (delayed reaction) allergies, perhaps to dairy.

eatsleephockeyrepeat Wed 28-Sep-16 08:30:32

Also our HV was really good for this sort of thing, probably more accessible in the first instance than the gp and equally as able to make referrals.

50ShadesOfEarlGrey Wed 28-Sep-16 08:32:52

If she is well in herself then I don't think you need to go to the doctors today. Pop into a chemist and ask to see the pharmacist, see what they say. They are good with rashes and will know if it's an emergency. Book at appointment with the GP to prescribe something maybe.
If you have any doubt about her general health then don't delay and def go to GP today.

Brokenbiscuit Wed 28-Sep-16 08:34:53

Looks like eczema to me too. Poor little lamb! We find epaderm quite good, though it's very greasy!

You should definitely get it checked out by your GP. However, if she's had the rash for a couple of months with no medical attention to date, I don't get why you feel that she suddenly needs a same-day appointment.

whoputthecatontheshelf Wed 28-Sep-16 08:41:58

Ok I will make an appointment for he next couple of weeks! I just thought today because it has. It makes her eyelids red before but now we are up and about it doesn't seem too bad. I think things seem worse when your still half asleep grin

Natsku Wed 28-Sep-16 08:42:02

Looks just like the facial eczema DD got as a baby (turned out to be allergic to a few foods). Doesn't need an appointment today but within the next few days. You could try hydrocortisone cream but if its not bothering her then wait until the doctor.

What worked for DD was Protopic cream but they are reluctant to prescribe to under-twos but hers was very severe and infected.

whoputthecatontheshelf Wed 28-Sep-16 08:42:31

Sorry that should be it has never made her eyelids red before

Andromache77 Wed 28-Sep-16 08:45:14

As a compromise, I would suggest calling the delivery company and explaining the situation, maybe you can have them come at a given time that suits you and arrange the doctor's visit accordingly. Delivery routes are planned in advance so they would probably find it impossible to change them, but by knowing when they will come or arranging for a delivery tomorrow you could do both with minimum hassle. That's assuming that the delivery is important, the rash is probably not life threatening but I do understand your concern.

whoputthecatontheshelf Wed 28-Sep-16 08:49:31

50shades she seems fine in her herself!

SquawkFish Wed 28-Sep-16 08:56:48

Hmmmm, is it possible the eyelashes are something different? Does it look like she may be coming down with pink eye or have you recently got a new bunch of flowers in the house?

The other thing you may be able to do is get a five minute telephone consultation with the doctor? I've found them useful as they can then decide if they want to see you sooner than the next routine appointment, or, order blood tests before they see you. I don't know if that is an option at your surgery though.

She's a cutie!

KitKats28 Wed 28-Sep-16 09:07:46

How old is she, and has she started weaning yet?

ohtheholidays Wed 28-Sep-16 09:08:31

I'd take her OP the rash on her eyelid looks like it's become infected and the right side of her face looks like it's going the same way.

It could be eczema or it could be psoriasis,our oldest DS had bad eczema when he was a baby and we had to get creams on prescription for him.
I'd see your Dr,they wouldn't want you sticking anything that wasn't prescibed on her eyelid.

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