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To ask you all for career advice?

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Feileacan1992 Wed 28-Sep-16 02:45:14

Hi all! I'm a long time lurker here blush and have rarely been brave enough to post but have seen people in the past get fantastic career suggestions and career advice on this site and was hoping to beg for advice!
I'm currently working teaching esl to 5-7 year olds and while I enjoy it, I'd like to something with a more solid career IFYSM. I have previously worked in nurseries and love working with children but don't see myself working with them for ever, not really sure why [confused I've worked with adults with learning disabilities and loved this work also but am not sure of areas to go with it beyond working as a carer / support worker if anyone works in this field I would love to hear from you! I suppose maybe I'd like to hear of anyone who works in the caring sector with people but higher up the ladder IFYSM. I know I wouldn't be cut out for anything medical e.g. Nursing or speech and language therapy and am just wondering from what other angles people are working in this area? Or any other similar areas, or even completely different areas that somewhat are linked! Or whatever, I'm not sure what I'm looking for! may be somewhat sleep deprieved I just want to hear about careers where people feel they are making a difference without being in the medical field maybe? Ahhh

Feileacan1992 Wed 28-Sep-16 02:47:23

Oh and what qualifications do you have??

DixieWishbone Wed 28-Sep-16 03:18:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

itlypocerka Wed 28-Sep-16 03:33:33

This isn't my field at all but I am insomniac too.

There must be lots of careers working with adults with learning difficulties, not just the badly paid carer/support worker roles. How about running a day centre, or sourcing and assessing people's needs for accommodation and support options and matching them up with available resources. Occupational Therapy might be worth looking into - you don't say why you don't feel a "medical" role would work, but OT is quite close to teaching in its skillset - you need to spend a bit of time learning more about how people's bodies and brains acquire new skills.

Sugarlightly Wed 28-Sep-16 07:40:37

Why wouldn't you be cut out for nursing? I'm a learning disability nurse and I don't do things that are "traditionally" nurse-y.

Agadooo Wed 28-Sep-16 21:18:27

College lecturer on Asn courses, qualified primary teacher working in a nursing, careers adviser (mainstream/special school)?

Agadooo Wed 28-Sep-16 21:18:44

Nursery not nursing

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