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to host a house party when I haven't given one in 24 years?

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pizzaeatingmonkey Tue 27-Sep-16 21:33:27

Due to ex P being a hermit and turning me into one.
As part of the new me I having a party a week on Sunday. What do I need to do? I need food ideas ( I know to buy Pom Bears) and how much drink should I get or do I assume everyone will bring there own?
I've set up a FB page and invited people.... so about 30 people which will include about 5 kids. Party starts at 3pm and I've put the finish time at 11pm, I'm hoping the people with kids will come early and leave early and that others will arrive later and leave later. My house is a 2 up 2 down cottage, so not much room.
Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received.

ghostyslovesheep Tue 27-Sep-16 21:37:20

I love a party

I do picky bits and pizza and I make cocktails but I list the menu and ask guests (my mates) to bring some of the booze (I usually provide a bottle of each thing and they bring top ups) I also lay on Cava to start with

Oh my next one is in 3 weeks I'm excited

ghostyslovesheep Tue 27-Sep-16 21:37:56

oh mine start at 8pm and usually finish at dawn

pizzaeatingmonkey Tue 27-Sep-16 21:41:52

You can come to mine then ghosty then I can come to yours! grin

YelloDraw Tue 27-Sep-16 22:17:04

Yay a party!

For drink I always cater as if nominee will bring anything. Buy alcohol and don't forget to buy loads of mixers and lines and some nice softies for the non drinkers. People will bring by its always a bit shit at parties when hosts haven't sorted out the drink situation out.

You're defo going to want to do some food since you're over a meal time. Obvs get snacks food in like crisps, duos, bread, cheese, nuts, olives. But I'd do something main like chilli or pizzas of something too.

YelloDraw Tue 27-Sep-16 22:18:42

My biggest tip - don't stress out! People will corne, it will be fun, don't go running around like a headless chicken. Get some closer friends to go round topping propel glasses up.

My second tip is to get good quality plastic glasses. But maybe your friends are less glass smash tastic than mine!

Discopanda Tue 27-Sep-16 22:28:30

I'm throwing a party for DP's 30th and just doing crisps and houmous, some crudites and frozen bits from Iceland, they do a 100 piece selection for £5! Ask people to bring a bottle and just supply a few 2l bottles of soft drinks.

lastqueenofscotland Tue 27-Sep-16 22:43:05

Don't do it the tidying is horrendous

ghostyslovesheep Tue 27-Sep-16 22:43:41

it's a deal grin

you may be required to join in a Lip Sync Battle ...

choppolata Tue 27-Sep-16 23:20:48

Disposable foil trays, 3 for a £ in Wilcos for oven items. I have loads of plastic cutlery and plates I use for parties as I never have enough 'real' plates to go round. Paper napkins too. I never buy kitchen roll normally but will do for parties as people always seem to ask for it. Big bucket/receptacle of ice to put outside with the cans and bottles in. Bin liners!! Some form of filling and carby food item that is veggie-friendly, like couscous, tomato pasta, baked spuds.

pizzaeatingmonkey Wed 28-Sep-16 13:14:11

I do like the suggestion of asking a friend to help me co host & help with drinks and handing out the Pom Bears etc. I' not too bothered about the tidying up as I've just taken early retirement ( hence the party) and (now) live on my own sad. I know I have at least one veggie and will ask the others about dietary requirements today.
Any more food suggestions? I will pop into Wilkos, last time I went it was armageddon because all the students are back in the city.
Bin liners...yes!!! I would have forgotten them.
I don't have ice, should I buy some, is it expensive?

pizzaeatingmonkey Wed 28-Sep-16 13:15:16

Thanks all for the tips BTW.

ghosty what part of the world are you in? What is this lipsync thing of which you speak?

GeekLove Wed 28-Sep-16 15:15:08

Paper plates and some study plastic drinking vessels.
Don't worry about too much elaborate food - have some takeaway menus if people want more.
Have plenty of fizzy water and soft drinks - there will be non-drinkers and spacers are always good.

Hope it goes well and people turn up - I hope these are reliable people but be prepared for a wave of last minute cancellations - parties can be vulnerable to the 'skittle effect'.

pizzaeatingmonkey Wed 28-Sep-16 15:25:47

I hadn't thought about fizzy water, good call. Can't do T/A menus as I live in the middle of nowhere!
What do you think the percentage fall out rate to be? Geek et al.
Has Iceland upped their game, having seen the new adverts, I am tempted?

GeekLove Wed 28-Sep-16 15:33:13

Variable. I don't have that much luck with parties I organize due to the skittle effect - one person cancels - most do. I don't tend to bother much these days - leave it to DH instead.

choppolata Wed 28-Sep-16 15:58:04

Ice is £1 a bag in Sainsburys, or you could get a couple of boxes of ice cube bags and make your own.

YelloDraw Wed 28-Sep-16 16:10:12

Defo have at least 1 bag of ice for things like G&T, rum and coke.

If you have beer drinkers its useful to keep beer in a tub with loads of ice rather than in the fridge if fridge space is at a premium.

My birthday is in the middle of winter so for my birthday parties its ok to take out all the fridge food and put it outside and have fridge exclusively for alcohol - but probably not such a good idea in September!

GeekLove Wed 28-Sep-16 16:59:37

Bucket with ice in is a useful temporary drinks cooler.

pizzaeatingmonkey Wed 28-Sep-16 22:39:27

Great, buying ice will be good, I've just asked my next door neighbour ( who I have invited) if I can borrow a shelf in her fridge....I'll see if she has a bit of room in her freezer too.
Yello will people be expecting me to have spirits in as well as wine, beer and cider?

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