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Airline seats are the new eating grapes in a supermarket

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OnlyHereForTheCamping Tue 27-Sep-16 18:20:42

When I first joined mumsnet and it were all fields etc. The great divide was between those who would eat grapes in a supermarket and those who would not. Now it appears to be those who fork out for seats on a plane and those who don't

DoreenLethal Tue 27-Sep-16 18:22:23

Ok. Thanks for the info.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Tue 27-Sep-16 18:30:48

You are very welcome

e1y1 Tue 27-Sep-16 18:33:32


This week on AIBU would be a lesson to anyone, don't discuss either eating in supermarkets or having to pay for specific airline seats grin

Hysterectical Tue 27-Sep-16 18:33:44

Such nice friendly people on here some days...
Plane people are idiots. But they are quite entertaining idiots with their entitled moral outrage.

ClopySow Tue 27-Sep-16 18:34:00

Are people no longer divided by grapes?

My step dad used to give my son a banana to eat on his way round the supermarket. It made me furious.

NavyandWhite Tue 27-Sep-16 18:35:17

Haha. Very true that.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Tue 27-Sep-16 18:36:19

Excellent - another TAAT

OnlyHereForTheCamping Tue 27-Sep-16 18:37:40

It's not a taat its a taamot (thread about a million other threads).

PuppyMonkey Tue 27-Sep-16 18:37:45

I only really come on here for the parking threads these days. grin

OnlyHereForTheCamping Tue 27-Sep-16 18:38:12

Parking threads are amazing

staghunter Tue 27-Sep-16 18:40:19

Interestingly (or not) i have no opinion on grapes or airline seats. I am passionate about parking though.

exLtEveDallas Tue 27-Sep-16 18:42:01

It's not a new thing. I've been here since 2004 and the airline/selected seating threads start around Easter for those going on Summer hols and continue until late Sept for those complaining about summer hols.

At the start of Oct it's the Halloween (American/begging/devil/fun) threads.

At the start of Nov it's Remembrance Day red/white/purple poppies/glorifying war

Dec is spending too much/not spending enough/dinners/family/the twitch

Jan is boring / Jan is remember when MN went offline.

Feb most peopl are normal

March the airline posts start up again.

Ad infinitum.

c3pu Tue 27-Sep-16 18:42:52

I thought parking threads were out, and threads about wheelie bins were in?

DerekSprechenZeDick Tue 27-Sep-16 18:42:59

People are struggling now as the summer to autumn change over is happening

They are no longer mad at smokers smoking outside as they don't wish to be outdoors anymore

Finding their footing

Halloween is for beggars threads will be starting soon

Followed by ring the police coz neighbours are having a bonfire and fireworks next

Then 'I only give my children a penny and forehead flick for Xmas and they are grateful' threads

Usually there are PIL gave my child a gift what twats.

I don't want tat can I tell family?

everyone who goes along with it are giving their kids trust issues

I've been here too long

DerekSprechenZeDick Tue 27-Sep-16 18:44:14

Santa is the trust issues thread. Forgot
To mention the bearded fella

exLtEveDallas Tue 27-Sep-16 18:46:17

Ooh yes "So you lie to your child" - I forgot those grin

And bonfires and fireworks upsetting the pets/newborns

Butteredparsn1ps Tue 27-Sep-16 18:49:33

Don't forget the Christmas mummy martyr threads, any day now I reckon.

DerekSprechenZeDick Tue 27-Sep-16 18:52:49

Sometime in October the Xmas ones start. The santa ones are my favourite though.

Hysterectical Tue 27-Sep-16 18:53:05

Then 'I only give my children a penny and forehead flick for Xmas and they are grateful' threads

Best post ever grin

Sparklingbrook Tue 27-Sep-16 18:59:44

I thought this was going to be a reclining/not reclining airline seats bunfight thread.


Catsize Tue 27-Sep-16 19:03:48

Have just realised...
Airport parking spaces have no 'parent/carer/alien and child' parking spaces!!
How are we coping?!? Does nobody THINK about THE CHILDREN!!!
Threads of the future, we await you...

DixieWishbone Tue 27-Sep-16 19:04:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HoneyDragon Tue 27-Sep-16 19:06:52

Whoaaaah Eve

February is the month of competitive not giving a shit about Valentines day.

DerekSprechenZeDick Tue 27-Sep-16 19:07:12

Dixie just post Halloween memes on every one constantly. Fill them up so no one can share that crazy thoughts

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