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to be pissed at the courier?

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CoolToned Tue 27-Sep-16 01:00:07

I made a mistake and sent a return parcel for another merchant to ASOS.

I contacted the courier while the item was still in transit and I was told they will take care of it. I followed up constantly and I was told they're looking into it.

Today I found out the item was delivered to ASOS.

AIBU to be pissed off? I know it was my mistake but I chased it up and made the request while the item was still in transit. The item is addressed to the courier's hub where it will be directed to final destination. I made the request on the way to the hub and I was told they will chase it for me.

allsfairinlove Tue 27-Sep-16 01:06:45

Will the item end up at the right destination then, albeit later than it would have done had you not made a mistake? I don't quite get it..

CoolToned Tue 27-Sep-16 01:12:50

No, I requested for it to be rerouted to the correct merchant or back to me while it was still in transit to the segregation hub of the parcel.

Apparently once it is in ASOS, it might not be returned to me.

allsfairinlove Tue 27-Sep-16 01:16:24

Oh I see. Well, I think if they said they take care of it they should honour that. Put it down in an email and send to customer service. Good luck!

CoolToned Tue 27-Sep-16 01:26:07

According to them, the reason it was delivered to ASOS was:

I diid lodge a request to have the parcel held at our hub but unfortunately your parcel was packed and ready to be dispatched.

So the parcel was still in their hub when the request was made but was dispatched anyway.

Bluecarrot Tue 27-Sep-16 04:22:50

I'd imagine they didn't fancy sorting through potentially hundreds of parcels in a van to find yours. Would have held up the whole schedule and affected a lot of people!

Contact asos. A person will be opening the parcel and inspecting contents for return. A customer service sfebtvshould be able to make a note on your order. No idea if they can actually process to send it elsewhere though. It's inefficient for their workers and they deal with such high volumes....

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