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To think that 11pm onwards on a Monday night is a ridiculous time to have a party in a block of flats

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Dixiechick17 Mon 26-Sep-16 23:52:47

Aghh I just need to vent really. We rent my Dad's flat, and occasionally the flat above us will play music that we can pretty much hear word for word, latest usually being at around 10.30

Tonight however all I can hear is cheering, loud music and thud noises from upstairs (joys of wooden flooring). This started up at 10pm... Have had three nights in a row where our 16 month old has had night terrors and am sat here feeling anxious that all the noise will set off another one, plus the base from the music is driving me bonkers.

DH is snoozing happily through it of course...

Yorkieheaven Mon 26-Sep-16 23:54:22

Yes it's selfish op. It's Monday for goodness sake. Poor you.

LineyReborn Tue 27-Sep-16 01:19:37

Yeah that's crap. You to let them know it's a nuisance. Every year the students next to me are wide eyed in amazement when we tell them we can hear them screaming through the walls at 3am and we'd awfully like to be asleep then.

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