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to think i could make curtains?

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Nooneyouwilleverknow Mon 26-Sep-16 17:09:19

Ok ive never touched a sewing machine in my life.

I have the horrible curtains because i just cant afford nice ones even second hand. mum offered to buy me a sewing machine as she belives its investment and i could learn to alter dc clothes too.

Am i crazy to think i could do this. Im thinking a 'love your machine' course and youtube.

fitzbilly Mon 26-Sep-16 17:12:38

Curtains are pretty easy to make, far easier than clothes anyway.

Make sure you line them and then you're far more likely to get straight edges, and remember that you need a lot more fabric then the width of the window, for them to look good closed.

Dunelm mill do good cheap upholstery fabric and you can buy the curtain tape online.

GinAndOnIt Mon 26-Sep-16 17:13:41

I think they're one of the easiest things to make. Go for it!

TheProblemOfSusan Mon 26-Sep-16 17:13:42

Curtains are trickier then they look but no, yanbu. It's a lovely hobby and never mind the kids, make making your own fitted stuff is a wonderful skill. I just wish I was better at it. Perhaps try a day course or have a go with a friend's machine first though?

A cheap sewing machine is not a great idea for curtains (or anything heavy) really - they can be frustrating to work with and really put you off sewing. So have a go before making the investment.

And be warned... It's not necessarily cheaper to make your own because nice fabric is pricy but it is a rewarding hobby.

SittingAround1 Mon 26-Sep-16 17:20:49

Go for it. Fitted curtains are very expensive. I'd advise you start with plain fabric so you don't need to match a pattern.

Nooneyouwilleverknow Mon 26-Sep-16 17:20:57

I was expecting to be told i was been crazy considering i know nothing about sewing.

Im struggling to find any courses in my area other than a morning training would love to do a longer evening course.

I literally have no hobbies so hoping this may be one for me.

Thank you for the tips so far

Linpinfinwin Mon 26-Sep-16 18:08:01

You totally can, go for it! The tricky bit is sourcing material that costs less than the finished article, especially now there are so many online retailers. Don't forget to include costs of header tape, thread, and don't skimp on lining fabric.

daisygirlmac Mon 26-Sep-16 18:11:04

Our local hobbycraft does courses and there's a craft club at the village hall with lots of WI ladies who I'm sure would be the fount of all knowledge, have you anything like this nearby? Otherwise there's some very good blogs with basic instructions. I can use a sewing machine for simple stuff but anything more complicated I have a good read up first and see if I can get remedial level instructions off the inter web

CheshireChat Mon 26-Sep-16 18:18:28

Be a bit wary as fabric is very expensive IME and for curtains you do need quite a lot, far more than just the size of the window.

But if you can source the fabric for a decent price they're a good buy.

Humphriescushion Mon 26-Sep-16 18:21:59

I bought a cheap sewing machine this year for this very reason. No courses near me so youtube was my friend. Made curtains without too much trouble so you should be fine. I have had loads of enjoyment out of mine and lots of use, so go for it.

steppingout Mon 26-Sep-16 18:22:03

I took a couple of classes to start off, but there's tons of help/information available online. Craftsy classes can also be very good value if you wait for a sale - they do have some home dec ones and you can ask questions so they're a good back up to actual classes. If your budget for a machine is very limited it may be worth considering an older second hand machine, as cheap new ones aren't always up to sewing heavier fabrics - this can end up making it feel more difficult than it needs to be, which can be off putting when you're getting started.

Katymac Mon 26-Sep-16 18:27:47

Unless your windows are very large kingsize or super kingsize sheets are often big enough just add linings (they won't be tremendously warm but start with an easy room/light weight curtains)

Post a thread in arts & Crafts & we can talk you through it

A morning sewing class should be enough to get started with a basic machine

Go for it

amicissimma Mon 26-Sep-16 18:28:49

If you measure your window(s) and keep a note of the measurements with you, you might find curtains in a charity shop. If they're too big you could cut them down to fit. The curtain needs to be at least twice as wide as the window to leave room for gathering.

If you happen to be anywhere near an IKEA, they have reasonably-priced curtain material.

I've made quite a few curtains. The ones for a big 2 metre-high bay were a bit of a challenge as the material was heavy to haul around. I stopped being too careful about matching the pattern (unless it's very regular) as when the curtains are gathered the pattern's all mixed up anyway.

BeMorePanda Mon 26-Sep-16 18:29:53

Curtains are Fairly easy. It's all about measurements. Check out you tube - lots of curtain making videos there.

JenLindleyShitMom Mon 26-Sep-16 18:30:52

Use your existing curtains as a template for the size you need to cut. (Allow for hems etc!)

HeirOfNothingInParticular Mon 26-Sep-16 19:08:30

I make my own curtains. As a PP has said they are not as easy as you think, if you want to get a good finish, but with a little practice you should be ok. Have a look at this website It is really useful and they have some good videos on there explaining how to make a simple hand sewn curtain, and a 'bagged' curtain where the lining is machine sewn in. If you have a patterned fabric then you need to allow for matching if you have more than one width. Happy to help if you have any questions

BoxofSnails Mon 26-Sep-16 19:12:31

I learned as a beginner. Smile every night when I get into bed looking at my (imperfect but lovely) handiwork. Go for it OP smile

Mycraneisfixed Mon 26-Sep-16 19:22:09

YouTube tutorials are brilliant! I made my first pair of interlined curtains recently with lots of help from different people's YouTube clips. Type in "how to make curtains" and you'll have loads to choose from. You'll also see the different equipment you'll need. Good luck!

TowerRavenSeven Mon 26-Sep-16 19:27:40

I've made curtains out of flat bedsheets before. I used the hem as the curtain top where I put the pole through. So really it was basically measuring, cutting and sewing the hem.

You can get nice flat bedsheets for good prices at sales.

HKHKHR Mon 26-Sep-16 23:14:54

Sewing shops often do courses or will be able to recommend somewhere you could go. Good luck it's a great hobby.

TheProblemOfSusan Mon 26-Sep-16 23:28:48

YouTube and blogs are your friends for learning if you can't get to a class. There's LOADS of help online.

Keep an eye out in charity shops and department stores for sale/cheap duvets and bedsheets for practicing on or even making into finished objects.

[[ This is a great starter sewing book too.]]

TheProblemOfSusan Mon 26-Sep-16 23:29:16

Wow, that link went a bit wrong!!

Blink1982 Tue 27-Sep-16 00:36:08

Your not crazy for thinking you can do it. I bought a machine this month. Never sewed in my life and I've made pillow cases, quilt cover and now I'm finishing a handbag. You tube is definately your friend. I agree with pp that buying your own fabric can be pricey. I spent thirty quid to make a toddler bed set 😮 I learnt from that lesson though and I'm making the bag out of £2 pillowcases.

abbsismyhero Tue 27-Sep-16 06:59:37

Markets are your friends for fabric my curtain fabric was 50p a metre from Birmingham market its plain but its what I wanted

hennybeans Tue 27-Sep-16 08:09:59

My mum is an avid sewer, as are all her friends, and when I was buying my sewing machine she strongly recommended a Janome as the best brand to get. She also suggested getting a refurbished, nicer Janome instead of a new, cheaper model. Singer and Brother machines are not as good quality as they used to be.

Curtains aren't too bad to sew. Good luck!

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