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To think this takes not vaccinating to a whole new level

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Swanlaked Mon 26-Sep-16 12:31:03

DD has a child at school who has cancer. The school sent a letter home asking all parents to please think about giving their child the MMR if they haven't had it and also to inform them immediately if any child was in contact with chicken pox.

One of the mums at the school is still refusing to have her 3DC vaccinated. No health issues it's big pharma/poison/conspiracy theory crap

AIBU at this point to think the school should seek removal of the children and tell the bloody thicko to find another school for them?

Oysterbabe Mon 26-Sep-16 12:32:32

YANBU. Anti-Vaxers fuck me off.

BertrandRussell Mon 26-Sep-16 12:32:59

I agree with you.

But many won't- you may need a tin hat!

Wolfiefan Mon 26-Sep-16 12:33:57

The school didn't send a letter insisting all children were vaccinated though did they? They asked parents to think about having the vaccination. Parents have thought about it and still don't want it.
I'd be so worried if my child was undergoing the cancer treatment though. We have experience of a child on that treatment having chicken pox. It's scary.
(Mine are vaccinated btw!)

Swanlaked Mon 26-Sep-16 12:34:58

No they didn't insist. They strongly advised parents to pull their heads out of their arses and get their kids vaccinated wink

Threebedsemii Mon 26-Sep-16 12:35:13

This is a really horrible situation but it doesn't change a child's right to education and their guardians right to decide on their medical treatment. I can't understand why you'd think such a thing (and I am very pro vaxx)

DoNotBlameMeIVotedRemain Mon 26-Sep-16 12:35:34

I can't stand people who don't vaccinate their kids. But I don't think the kids should be made to suffer by taking their school place away. They have no control over their parents decision so I think YABU but not as much as the other parents.

Soubriquet Mon 26-Sep-16 12:35:40

She does have the right not to vaccinate her children

There is no law saying she has to

But yes she is very selfish not to do it especially when they are in a close contact with a very ill child

Yawnyawnallday Mon 26-Sep-16 12:36:45

YANBU. Anti-vaxers are putting me at risk. All this talk about personal choice is rubbish. There is no measles herd immunity in my area. I have MS and have never had measles. So, thanks for taking the choice away from me. And anyone else with a weakened immune system.

NerrSnerr Mon 26-Sep-16 12:37:01

Some people are so fucking stupid and selfish. Yeah, dreadful big pharma, no need to worry if your child (or an immunocompromised child) dies of measles.

pointythings Mon 26-Sep-16 12:37:07

I am donning my flame proof armour here and saying that it should be no vax, no school except for genuine medical reasons. Woo big pharma bullshit or religion does not qualify.

Swanlaked Mon 26-Sep-16 12:37:15

Nobody is denying them an education. Just asking them to seek one elsewhere (ideally).

Swanlaked Mon 26-Sep-16 12:38:17

pointy, I agree with no vax no school (medical reasons exempt). Don't they do that in Australia?

SmallBee Mon 26-Sep-16 12:40:26

I agree with Pointy. If you're that passionate about not vaccinating then you can home educate as well. Your conspiracy theories / religion are not more important than that child's health.

WhatWouldCoachBombayDo Mon 26-Sep-16 12:40:41

The sad thing about this is should the worse happen, it won't be her child that passes away, because they have a healthy immune system and midern medicine will flood them with antibiotics and medicine they can tolerate, should they catch the disease.

No it will be the poor parents of a already sick child that will end up placing a white box in the ground because someone else decided it's a conspiracy theory angry

Having known a family go through something similar I'm projecting and very angry. Sorry for any offence caused by my rant.

Nelleflowerpot Mon 26-Sep-16 12:42:12

I agree with you but doubt the school can actually do anything other that politely ask parents to vaccinate.
The fact that the family who don't do vaccines could be responsible for the child undergoing cancer treatment dying should they contract a vaccine preventable illness is beyond selfish.
Most likely outcome the child with cancer may have to avoid school more than nescessary for safety, and that is very very unfair and cruel to that child.
Some people are truly selfish and very stupid.
I am 100% on the side of the family and child having cancer treatment with this one!

Helbel82 Mon 26-Sep-16 12:42:40

Donotblame I totally agree with you. Unfortunately I was one of those kids as my Mum refused me being vaccinated (something I don't agree with now) and to be honest I remember feeling frustrated by all the comments and questions I kept getting asked about why I wasn't having the vaccinations. It's not the kids choice and so to be taken out of school because of it I feel is utterly ridiculous.

Doggity Mon 26-Sep-16 12:43:26

YANBU but it is unfair on those children to be potentially asked to leave a place they are happy due a parents decision.

Wolfiefan Mon 26-Sep-16 12:44:20

I honestly think some people have no idea just how dangerous things like chicken pox are for immunocompromised people. There's also the idiots who say they should just never go out if they know they have a compromised immune system?!

MoreCoffeeNow Mon 26-Sep-16 12:44:32

I think it's time we followed those countries who say no vaccinations, no school.

Soubriquet Mon 26-Sep-16 12:44:53

Sorry to derail the thread slightly but dd is 3.5 now and is supposed to have her booster jabs. Am I supposed to wait for a letter or do I ring and just book?

SmallBee Mon 26-Sep-16 12:47:42

I agree it's unfair on the unvaxcinated child. Unfortunately dying because of another parents choice is even more unfair.
There are no winners in the situation.

akdmummy Mon 26-Sep-16 12:48:51

I totally agree from a moral perspective. I know that the MMR vaccine is routinely offered on NHS when they are babies but if not taken then do people have to pay to get the vaccine later?

Humidseptember Mon 26-Sep-16 12:50:43

Interesting that the CP issue has also raised its head.

i think people are utter fools around around CP so casual about it, which is mainly due to the casual attitudes of docs and NHS.

Its very selfish op, and I am inclined to agree that perhaps they can find another way to school their dc?

SmallBee Mon 26-Sep-16 12:51:26

Wow sorry for my spelling!

I'd also say it's doubly unfair on the un vaccinated child if they do get something, do pass it on and are then old enough to potentially feel or be made to feel responsible for that child's death. I can't imagine how awful that would be.

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