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DH and socialising behaviour

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Alorsmum Sun 25-Sep-16 21:45:23

Went to a wedding last night.
I knew literally no one not even met the happy couple before as one a v good friend of DH's from work and never seems worthwhile getting babysitters for night out with work colleagues
Had chatted to a couple before the meal and got on well with the female half and was fine talking to her while DH got drinks with her DH. We weren't with that couple at dinner.
The dinner I was sat next to an odd slightly inappropriate guy and three single guys who were work colleagues and they got quite drunk and talking about work mainly.
After the meal finished DH left the table to congratulate the bride. I followed and did the same, DH said he'd just grab his drink from our table which was just behind us in the room we'd just left. I waited for him. And waited and waited.

DH was nowhere to be seen in main room (although his drink was indeed gone) nor outside not in bar area. The lady I'd spoken to before had left straight after meal and I didn't really want to go up to the lairy men who were on our table who were by now in a big group of people I didn't know at all. I sat on my own for maybe 15 minutes then left to go and buy cigarettes. Contemplated not coming back but did, walked up to DH who was in a conversation and didn't even acknowledge me with a hello. Although apparently he had asked the person he was talking to if he'd seen his wife prior to that.
It turns out he grabbed his drink and instead of coming back to where he'd left me seconds before ducked out a side door to a secluded terrace (I couldn't see the terrace or the side door - looked like locked French doors - when I looked in that room) to have a cigarette.

AIBU to think this is fucking out of order when I knew no one and was blatantly going to have to sit on my own ? I really don't mind chatting to people in most situations but at a wedding everyone knows each other very well and I just couldn't see a way of inserting myself into large groups of friends catching up. Would have been fine if eg still at table and could speak to people there but mingling is much harder in a bar situation for me.

He said sorry initially but now is pissed off as I'm still pissed off and just think I would never do that and it demonstrates a complete lack of thought for me!

I brought up incidents of leaving me alone in hotel room to go drinking when we had a four month baby on holiday and when 37 weeks pregnant and apparently am unreasonable for nurturing grudges for so long (these are years and years ago)

BastardGoDarkly Sun 25-Sep-16 21:51:03

I'd hate that to be honest, but if he'd had a drink and just got carried away chatting and ended up outside for a short time, I wouldn't still be pissed off about it. You left after 15 minutes then went for fags, he looked for you didn't he?

Let it go now.

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