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... to expect people who use parent & baby car parking spaces to have children with them?

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fryalot Mon 05-Feb-07 15:11:54

Or am I the only who gets fed up of waiting for a space because they are all filled with lazy b***ds who can't be bothered to walk an extra yard?

VickyG333 Sat 04-Dec-10 22:27:15

I have never, in any shopping centre or supermarket or wherever I have been shopping but can't find a space, seen all the disabled bays taken - there are always empty disabled spaces even when the rest of the car park is rammed. Without exception. Anyone ever seen them all full?!

handlemecarefully Mon 12-Feb-07 09:51:54

"Its about engine and fuel economy and emissions"

If only it was...but actually it's about politics and scapegoatism (and easy targets ).

I've done a fair bit of research into this and fuel economy of large MPVs is pretty much the same as fuel economy of many 4 x 4's

It's 'pick m mix' environmentalism

2shoescoveredinhearts Sat 10-Feb-07 15:53:50

bobalinga can you go on sn as will speak to you there

2shoescoveredinhearts Sat 10-Feb-07 15:52:38

(blue badges have to be renewed every 3 years)

3andnomore Sat 10-Feb-07 12:06:53

housemum, p&t spaces aren't just usefull because they are more spacious though, it's also a road safety,position does matter to some extent, too.

bobalinga Sat 10-Feb-07 11:55:15

I find the expiry date intrigiuing too. And the expiry date on DLA. My DD has severe cerebral palsy and is blind. When the blue badge arrived with an expiry date i did call the council and asked if they knew a cure for CP was on its way as they'd only given me 5 years!
The concil woman agreed it was a stupid rule. I reckon its so they can get extra money cos you have to keep renewign the darn thing.
With DLA I tried to get a lifetime award but they said cos she might die before 18 they didn't do that. Cheery soulds at the DLA place.

housemum Sat 10-Feb-07 10:35:53

Back to the orignal post re P & T spaces (knew we'd deviate somewhere...) - why don't car park designers put them further away from the shop entrance so they are only useful because they are larger for getting car seats/toddlers in and out? The ideal spaces would be large ones about 2-3 feet out from the wall so they have a low fenced walkway running behind them to the store/shopping centre.

TBH I couldn't be arsed chasing round for P & T spaces. Reading Oracle shopping centre's car park designers obviously thought they were a pain as they don't have any at all.

housemum Sat 10-Feb-07 10:30:45

See that's the kind of thing that bugs me - why put an expiry date on if it's a permanent disability? And if they can issue badges with dates, why don't they give them to people with a genuine need ie someone whose child has their legs in plaster at a 90 degree angle for months? (I'm sure the system depends on where you are and who your doctor is as some people struggle and others get them too easily - I know a lady who had serious heart surgery and would get breathless easily - fine she had a badge issued, but 5 years on she is as fit as you or I yet will hunt out the blue badge spaces just 'cos she has one and I have even been in the car where she waited for a space rather than park on the other side of the car park, even though she can yomp across the countryside walking for miles in her free time)

Pixel Sat 10-Feb-07 00:15:55

Housemum, my ds has a permanent disability but his blue badge still has an expiry date on it. I think it's just to give me one thing more to worry about, ie how we will manage if they refuse to renew it.

2shoescoveredinhearts Fri 09-Feb-07 23:50:51

VeniVidiVickiQV thanks knew there was a good reason. but was being rather dense.

SparklyGothKat Fri 09-Feb-07 23:35:29

I actually think the woman I saw ended up parking in the disabled bays (she parked just as I was waiting for the traffic lights). I do have a disabled badge for DS but he wasn't with me, so I didn't park there.

Pann Fri 09-Feb-07 23:33:14

and they are so aesthetically displeasing.

BassMama Fri 09-Feb-07 23:32:16

Just wanted to add - Was at Asda today, and there were 8 cars parked in a row in the disabled bay, NONE had disabled stickers on them. EIGHT!! I also saw a woman struggling to get the very disabled woman she was with into her car as there was not enough space where she had had to park, in the normal bit.

Selfish Bastards.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 09-Feb-07 23:27:26

Its not about number of seats lol!

Its about engine and fuel economy and emissions.

2shoescoveredinhearts Fri 09-Feb-07 23:22:24

can I just ask a rather silly question
if a 4X4 can have 7 seats and so can a car like an espace. why are 4x4 so bad?
I know I should know sorry.

handlemecarefully Fri 09-Feb-07 22:21:18

Yes my 4x4 has 7 seats too drifter.

And in answer to your question "What makes a 4x4 worse than an espace then?", the answer is 'politics' don't you think?

SparklyGothKat Fri 09-Feb-07 18:30:19

I saw a fight today over a P&T space, when I got to the shops there was a P&T which I used (dd2 was with me) when I left, a woman sat waiting for me to load up the car, strap DD2 in, take back trolley, and reverse out. Then as I came out and around her, another woman came up behind me and nicked the space. There was an argument and as I left I noticed the 2nd woman hadn't moved, and when I was out on the main road, the first woman was still waiting for a P&T space. Why waste all that time waiting, when there was spaces nearby that weren't P&T but just as close...

housemum Fri 09-Feb-07 13:32:06

... and re my earlier post I still think it's daft that someone can't get an expiry-dated disabled badge for a condition where you can't get in/out of a normal space!

housemum Fri 09-Feb-07 13:30:13

OK - my ignorance and I'll put my hands up to that one! I've only ever seen the 5 seaters so assumed they were all just 5 seats, headroom and big wheels! Sorry!

drifter Fri 09-Feb-07 13:12:19

I'm not in the mood for THAT discussion either, but incidentally, both my current and previous 4x4 did have 7 seats. Strange argument against them in my view.

housemum Fri 09-Feb-07 12:58:15

I just like winding people up! Actually, the bus is used as little as poss and a lot of journeys are done in my small hatchback but as we frequently go out with relatives and I also pick up nephew and friends from school, I figure it's better to use one large car that seats all 6/7 than drive in tandem. My gripe with 4x4s if you don't need them for steep roads/dirt tracks etc is that they still only hold 5 people.

I'm just in a mood for stirring it though - have seen this discussion before!

drifter Fri 09-Feb-07 12:24:43

What makes a 4x4 worse than an espace then?

housemum Fri 09-Feb-07 12:20:33

Ooh, so many posts...

Just thought I'd add another bit of bloody mad bureacracy to the p & T/disabled badge thing.

Apparently a disability has to be permanent to get a blue badge - which makes sense if, say, you have a broken leg and are on crutches OK you're inconvenienced but not disbled. I think there may also be some kind of age thing as well? (Someone on here will know the details I'm sure) But there was a pic in our local rag recently of a child about 18 months who had whatever it is with the hips that meant she was in one of those casts where the legs are in plaster and held apart by a rod. Why can't blue badges be issued with a big printed expiry date stamped on at the hospital? The poor woman is stuck with either getting 2 buses to get to the shops or parking and hoping there's a wide P & T space, or parking next to an empty space and waiting till someone comes back to their car if they park next to her.

Think of that when you're thinking it's tough!!

PS I drive a "bus" occasionally and manage to fit most normal car parks so that excuse doesn't wash! NB it's a diesel Espace not a 4x4 before someone lets my virtual tyres down!! I HATE 4x4s in town (my friend has one but she's excused as she tows a horsebox at weekends!)

3andnomore Fri 09-Feb-07 12:15:17

Vicky, glad it was just a joke then.
Nannynickers...I meantioned that down below, no car seat in the car doesn't necessarily tell one anything in todays world of Babycarriers.

nannynickers Fri 09-Feb-07 11:08:31

Another point - I have been ticketed (a polite notice from Tesco's) for parking in a mother & child space when there was no car seat in my car. BUT it was an *infant carrier* and so was in the store with me! I did take baby & 'polite notice' back into the store for an apology!

On the other hand I have seen people use those spaces with car seats but no children with them, it must be difficult for supermarkets/shopping centres to police.

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