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to ask if you can bake thread?

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CoolToned Sat 24-Sep-16 08:19:51

I bought a chicken roll. When I opened it, it is bound by thread, like the one used for ham. Do I bake it with the thread or cut the thread then bake?

RoganJosh Sat 24-Sep-16 08:20:45

Bake it with the thread and leave the thread on to carve it too.

phillipp Sat 24-Sep-16 08:20:47

I cook then cut. No idea if that's correct. Just what I do grin

BreatheDeep Sat 24-Sep-16 08:24:07

Bake it with the thread. It's there to hold the roll together until it's cooked.

Tiptoethr0ughthetulips Sat 24-Sep-16 11:00:43

Bake with thread, I cut with thread on too.

liz70 Sat 24-Sep-16 11:18:34

Is it just me that thought the OP was starting a "Can You Bake?" thread? blush

Mummyshortlegz Sat 24-Sep-16 11:19:47

No, Liz me too!

Yes it won't turn your chicken blue like bj - it will fall apart without. It is formed into a shape so needs thn string Until it's cooked.

Oysterbabe Sat 24-Sep-16 11:22:43

I don't think I've ever seen a chicken roll before.

Mummyshortlegz Sat 24-Sep-16 11:23:50

If you give them a shove at the top of a hill they'll have a good go grin

youngestisapsycho Sat 24-Sep-16 11:24:37

What is a chicken roll?

Mummy grin

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Sat 24-Sep-16 11:25:33

No Liz I came onto admit not being able to bake either!!

TheDowagerCuntess Sat 24-Sep-16 11:26:48

Yes, I can bake.

But I don't know what a chicken roll is.

CoolToned Sat 24-Sep-16 11:27:15

It's chicken that's rolled and it has stuffing inside. Sort of like a big cordon bleu. I don't know if that's the correct name, I just call it chicken roll because it's like rolled chicken.

Oysterbabe Sat 24-Sep-16 11:45:27

Sounds nice smile

I was hoping someone would come along with a chicken roll joke. Thanks Mummy grin

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