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To have quit my job cause I keep getting sick there

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Bimbop5 Sat 24-Sep-16 01:06:12

I only work part time but everytime I work I'm getting sick and then it takes days to recover and sometimes end up with sinus infections. I have allergies and messed up sinuses. Going to have a procedure in the new year to reduce the swelling. I'm super sensitive to scents and dust. Even fragrant detergent on people's clothes bothers me. I can't tell everyone to switch to unscented detergent so my sinuses get inflamed at work and I end up with severe facial pain/migraines.

My time off is usually just recovering and it's wearing me down. I like my job but can't do this anymore. I'm starting allergy shots this month as well. I'm getting very depressed and tired of going to specialists. But I will continue as I want to get better. Before when I worked as a casual I could take time off when I was sick or pick up lots of shifts when I felt well. I did this for 8 years but when the part time job came up I jumped at it. But I've been so much more sick since.

I've made the decision and gave my notice today. I've asked to stay on for casual work and keep my foot in the door. I feel sad but feel I made the right decision.

PGPsabitch Sat 24-Sep-16 08:31:48

You need to do what's best for you op. Did you tell them why? Some workplaces do make accommodations for this. Someone at mine has their own office for example and people were asked to wear no perfume or aftershave.

Bimbop5 Sun 25-Sep-16 16:23:42

Hi, Yes they know why. I've spoken about it frequently but the nature of my job is that I can't work by myself in an office. We already have a scent free policy at work so that's very helpful and I'm grateful for that. I think the main problem is that my allergies are so terrible right now that every little thing is an irritant. sad

I'll be starting shots soon but they take about a year to work.

PGPsabitch Sun 25-Sep-16 20:25:53

That's such a shame. I hope they work for you flowers

helpimitchy Sun 25-Sep-16 20:38:12

Ugh, I fully sympathise sad I'm in the same boat with the automatic air fresheners at my place of work. I've managed to nobble them for the time being, but the cleaner is bound to notice at some point.

Can you take antihistamines? I'm on pretty strong ones (fexofenadine) at the moment for a skin problem, but they seem to help with the inhaled allergens too.

I also use a saline washout spray and steroid nasal spray which can flush out the irritants.

Have you looked in to hay fever nasal plugs as well? These can trap allergens and stop them from going further up into the sinuses.

Scents give me terrible headaches, sore eyes as well as sinusitis. I hate them angry

Bimbop5 Mon 26-Sep-16 17:09:19


No I've never heard of those plugs, I'll have to check those out, thank you. smile
I used to use a saline wash but my ent told me to stop as I was drying out my sinuses too much. I'm currently taking reactine anti histamine and a steroid/antihistamine spray.

It's horrid all these synthetic scents that are used in products and even as "antihistamine fresheners" I've disabled one at a hotel once! Lol.

Thank you, PGPsabitch for the flowers. smile

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