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AIBU to feel that the cat is playing silly buggers, and I should not pander to him.

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At least - no more than I have already.

CatBastard (so called because he bites you if you stroke him too much/not enough/or even consider stopping stroking him) eats tuna - because if we give him ordinary cat food, he leaves home.

We buy him nice tuna, in spring water, because I worried about the salt in ordinary tuna damaging his kidneys. This far I am prepared to pander.

He insists on having his tuna outside, on the garden table. I don't have a major problem with this, but it means that anyone else who can get to it, eats it - the dogs, if they are out in the garden unsupervised, or the local seagulls - so I prefer to feed him on the utility room draining board.

This is not good enough for CatBastard - ohhhh no. He can jump up to the draining board (I've found him on the work top before now), and is cool with the idea of food in the utility room (we used to keep the dogs' food in an open box, high up on the microwave in the utility room, where they can't get to it, and we found him knee deep in it, eating it, one day - the dogs were appalled) - but he is currently shouting at me because I have put his bowl of tuna on the utility draining board, not the garden table.

It is the last can of tuna - I need to go shopping tomorrow - so I think it is perfectly reasonable to want him to eat it all - not the birds or the dogs - but he disagrees.

AIBU not to pander to him?

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Fri 23-Sep-16 13:30:26

He's a cat - he'll always win in the end. Good luck!

flanjabelle Fri 23-Sep-16 13:30:45

Yabu and you know it.

KarlosKKrinkelbeim Fri 23-Sep-16 13:30:54

FFS woman. You are letting this animal run your home. Give him tesco value biscuits in a soggy bag. Cease to humour this feline tyrant.

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Fri 23-Sep-16 13:32:38

And because I've lived with a fussy bugger cat before could you put half the tuna out now to accommodate him and keep the other half for later (after the first lot has been pinched by sundry wildlife).

Although knowing cats he's probably well aware of the net contents of the tin ...

MmmCuriouSir Fri 23-Sep-16 13:32:38

...put it in the car and drive 15 miles from home and throw it out in the middle of nowhere. That'll teach it some respect.

AlistairSim Fri 23-Sep-16 13:32:44

You are wasting your time and his.
Do what he wants now, you know you'll have to eventually.


I have carried him to the utility room and placed him right by the tuna.

He has come back to shout at me again.

I have Fallen Short.

Karlos - maybe I should LTC-B?

Findmuckery Fri 23-Sep-16 13:33:26

YABVVU you are his staff and should act accordingly at ALL times

Losingtheplod Fri 23-Sep-16 13:33:33

I think you need to learn your place. Poor cat probably thinks his human is very dim, and hard to train! grin

ThatBadHamster Wed 28-Sep-16 23:58:01

It isn't 'pandering' to him. He has a very unique, personal set of requirements that you, a mere human, could never understand. Tsk.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 29-Sep-16 00:01:57

He's probably on the phone to the RSPCA right now, poor deprived little mite sad

musicposy Thu 29-Sep-16 00:14:45

You will have to give in, so you may as well do it now.

I made the serious error of buying Lidl cat food two days ago. DCat has always liked Lidl cat food, but apparently not this week - this week it is pure poison. I decided he was going to eat it. He decided he would go on hunger strike and meow solidly, all day, until I gave in. I made my mind up it was perfectly decent food and I was not wasting it and I was not going to give in.

He's currently eating Sheba fine flakes.

Just pick up the bowl and stick it on the garden table. If you are quick he might forgive you - eventually.

Realhousewivesofshit Thu 29-Sep-16 00:20:58

You are making a big mistake op. I tried controlled miawing with mine and he broke me. My 4 kids caved but the cat broke me.

Just give into him it's easier in the end.

BaronessBomburst Thu 29-Sep-16 00:24:47

My cat refuses everything and lives on air.
The local birds are FAT. They love Sheba, Felix, Whiskas, Shop's Own, everything.

dybil Thu 29-Sep-16 00:33:40

A regular diet of tuna is bad for cats and can lead to malnutrition. I appreciate it's easier said than done, but you need to get him on a better diet.

BigChocFrenzy Thu 29-Sep-16 00:48:11

You are playing silly buggers with your boss
Know your place - under the cat's paw

You are the tin-opener.
If he had opposable thumbs, you'd be redundant.

KittensWithWeapons Thu 29-Sep-16 01:08:49

YABVU. Bow down to your feline overlord and do exactly as they wish. Life has been much easier for DP and I since we've accepted our place in the hierarchy. Right at the fecking bottom. They run the house now. We're just the servants.

KittensWithWeapons Thu 29-Sep-16 01:11:27

Indeed, BigChocFrenzy. If HellKitty number one had opposable thumbs I'd be dead by now. She's obsessed with DP, hisses at me if I dare touch him in her presence. She totally wants to single white female me and take my place by DP's side as woman of the house grin.

Twofurrycats Thu 29-Sep-16 01:16:01

Never get into a Mexican stand off with a cat: you won't win.

MsMims Thu 29-Sep-16 01:19:10


Joking aside, does he ever have complete cat food? There are important nutrients like taurine in complete cat food that cats can't survive long term without. You can supplement them instead but he really needs either that or some complete (not complementary) food too.

Milklollies Thu 29-Sep-16 01:23:55

We as humans are told to eat a range of foods. I don't know anything about having cats but don't you alternate food brands? I imagine not every cat owner in the U.K. Can afford to give the top of the range products so I'm just curious. As a human I would get bored of eating the same food... Day in day out.

GardenGeek Thu 29-Sep-16 01:42:48

I imagine not every cat owner in the U.K. Can afford to give the top of the range products so I'm just curious.

My secret - Waitrose home brand do c. 14% meat/fish content for c. same price as 4% whiskas or felix and you feed less because its more filling grin

Sometimes its even cheaper (currently 3 boxes for £10 at Waitrose compared to 3 for £10.50 for Whiskas at Tesco)

Tesco also have some felix on 2 for £5 atm though so you can get cheaper but I find they alternate the deals so if your cat likes one type it catches you out when the deal goes to felix/whiskas and vice versa.
Waitrose has the 3 for £10 deal constantly for last 6 months.

Pander & pamper those little cutie fluffsters grin

sashh Thu 29-Sep-16 07:13:25

I suggest you read the book 'all cats have Asperger'.

He needs the routine he dictates, you are his slave and being disobedient.

I too am a truly ebil cat slave, I refuse to let her sit on the windowsill with her tail on a hot radiator and her front paws out in the cold.

Mistoffelees Thu 29-Sep-16 07:25:50

Cats can become addicted to tuna and too much can lead to mercury poisoning as well as malnutrition as a pp said, he needs to go cold turkey... Or have some cold turkey.

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