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To be undecided about pressing charges?

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Chillyegg Thu 22-Sep-16 14:27:26

Ok so back story. Left my ex at the start of the summer he was emotionally physically and verbally abusive pretty much every day of our relationship.
He had an affair with a woman maybe more and got the one I know about pregnant. Baby's been born in think.
I was heavily controlled and manipulated by him and his family.
Something clicked and I fled with just a few bags of stuff. I let him see our daughter with me supervising initially he still tried to manipulate me etc he'd only turn up when he wanted etc.
So I get my dream job he was supervising our dd. I come back say I got the job he went mental and ended up chasing me in his car. And tried to assault me at the side of the road but I managed to lock my self in my car.
I broke all contact after that and got weeks of abuse. Blocked his number then his family started with the harrassment hounding my fine. ( culturallying I'm their property). So because I wouldn't engage and ended up changing my phone and calling the police about the harrassment my ex came in the night and took my car (joint ownership but he has many other cars he has use of) with our child's pram car seat etc in. He then stopped all money. So the police have been involved rendered to idas and had a marak meeting. The police have put markers on my house and warning markers on my ex. They fear ex will take dd abroad to the country of his parents origin. So they've put boarder controll notices up and basically ex can never take dd abroad.they've put other markers in place ie watching his car coming to my place etc.
Any way about a week ago 2 non uniform police come to my house and ask if I want to press for historical charges.
I said I was in which minds. I know when you read everything alot of people would go fucking take the cunt to court. But my issue is I never reported any of the abuse or went to hospital with my injuries. So the police didnt warn me it would be hard to prove anything. There was never any witnesses except his family.
I don't want to drag my self through the court process re live it all and it be thrown out.
What should I do?
I don't want him to get away with it but he's already denying all violence to my solicitor whilst discussingredients contact with dd.

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Thu 22-Sep-16 14:31:27

You need to press charges to protect your child........ You will find the strength to get through it because it's for your child. .
Us mams do find inner strength for this I promise you. . Took me 4 years of hell to keep my ex away for my 2xdd but I did it.

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