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To think having stitches through your fingernail is one of the worst pains!?

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Greenw Thu 22-Sep-16 01:18:18

I have had 2 DC as well. My gosh, awfulness.

RockinHippy Thu 22-Sep-16 01:33:25

No, Septicaemia in the fingers is actually worse, floor pacing begging to cut it off to stop the pain worseblush - I've been unlucky enough to have both sad

It is a hellish pain though & definitely worse than CB, so I really do feel for you - hope you have some decent pain relief drugs & it heals quickly flowersflowersflowersflowers

GreatFuckability Thu 22-Sep-16 01:43:27

I didn't even know that they could put stitches through your nail!! Ouch!

Worst pain I've ever had was an abscess in my bartholin gland. That's in your vagina fyi. I thought I was going to die. No joke.

Greenw Thu 22-Sep-16 01:49:44

I didn't know either sad

Ouch! They both sound awful

GreatFuckability Thu 22-Sep-16 02:08:04

Hope you're ok now Green cakeflowers

limitedperiodonly Thu 22-Sep-16 08:12:40

The doctor who did it said I'd been very brave. I was 37 grin

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