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To have just eaten my dads entire carton of quality street?

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FlyHighLittleBee Wed 21-Sep-16 19:15:19

Bought my dad a t shirt and some sweets for his birthday today. He texted me and said he would just get them when we meet at the weekend.

Within seconds, the quality street was calling my name.

Over the course of the day, I've squaffed the lot. But it wasn't a tin or anything, just one of the small carton thingys. Obviously I will replace. But I just looked at the packet and I've eaten 1000calories worth of chocolates shockshockdeceptive little shiny shits.

I did have a chicken and goats cheese salad for lunch and that's all I've had the million chocolates obvs filled my belly up. But am now having a large glass of prosecco. Have put a teaspoon in the top so I hopefully will resist the rest of the bottle wink doubtful. But I'm thinking about a cheese sandwich and some monster munch.

What's the last really slovenly munch up you had? Make me feel better, as this belly probably won't shrink anymore this week now and the diet guilt is coming!

DerekSprechenZeDick Wed 21-Sep-16 19:21:21


1000 though?! Jesus. I must eat about 3949959482827383 calories in those chocolates alone over Xmas.

I have done this. I bought a friend a bottle of alcohol for her birthday, she ended up going away for her birthday as a last minute surprise thing from the boyfriend

I drank her bottle.

foamybananasweets Wed 21-Sep-16 19:28:46

My dad likes a certain type of chocolate. So do I. So I usually buy one for him and one for me to eat on the way home so that I leave his alone.

Sometimes I eat them both blush

x2boys Wed 21-Sep-16 19:36:43

i,m not a big chocolate fan dh is though and has had to replace various eater egg bought for relatives.

x2boys Wed 21-Sep-16 19:37:01

easter ffs!

SpookyPotato Wed 21-Sep-16 19:38:00

My mum had to re-buy my nannas birthday thorntons (huge box) 4 times as she kept eating them grin I think she bought them so far in advance on purpose!

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