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What temperature do you set your thermostat at for your heating?

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fishfortea Sun 04-Feb-07 21:38:02

About an hour ago I felt really cold and said so to DH, his initial response was(as usual) put some clothes on -Im sitting here with trousers sweatshirt and slippers on!!! What more does he expect me to put on. Anyway I went to the loo and on my way I have to pass the thermostat control it was on 12( Im all for being green and turn it dowm blah blah) but thought no wonder I have been cold- the poor children were shivering as they goy out the bath earlier and I nagged at them to put dressing gowns on. So I popped the thermostat up to 15 and now hes nagging at me to turn it down. Just interested what everyone elses is or am I just being a wuss!!!!!

southeastastra Sun 04-Feb-07 21:39:34

my dp hates it on and i love it on, i tell him he has more blubber

charliecat Sun 04-Feb-07 21:40:07

Mine varies between 18 when im dressed for the weather and 22 when I cant be arsed finding a jumper!

hunkermunker Sun 04-Feb-07 21:40:23


That's like being outside!

mumtogusnalbie Sun 04-Feb-07 21:41:04

I personally think that 15 is cold!! I have to suffer coal fired central heating so freezing in the morning until I light the fire then by the time it has warmed up the house is warm enough to wear a t-shirt (even in the really cold weather). I think that I would have the thermostat at about 19 or 20 to be comfortable and for the kids to be warm enough.

FrayedKnot Sun 04-Feb-07 21:42:59

Ours is usually around 17, but have to turn it up in the evening to around 19 (FK questions whether it is actually working if I have to turn it up?!).

I would be wearing my coat, hat & gloves if it was on 12...

multitasker Sun 04-Feb-07 21:43:52

No lower than 20. I mean whats the point of having central heating on if you are still cold, and 12!! my God, that IS like being outside!

DontlookatmeImshy Sun 04-Feb-07 21:45:08

No your dh is being unreasonable imho.

Ours varies between 18 and 20.

What extra clothes does he think you should wear? A coat??

fishfortea Sun 04-Feb-07 21:48:19

It has been mentioned in the past to put on a coat- honest(I just bring the duvet down which really upsets him as I go to bed later than him

divamumdiva Sun 04-Feb-07 21:49:24

about 20 all the time

Whoooosh Sun 04-Feb-07 21:50:56

Oh God!

Your DH would hate me-at least 23 degrees in this house.Would rather go without other stuff than be cold.

mamama Sun 04-Feb-07 21:51:25


That's far too cold. I think room temperature is at least 16. I think my thermostat is usually on 18 - 22, depending on the weather & my clothes!

fishfortea Sun 04-Feb-07 21:56:41

I think he would be soon asking for a divorce if I put the thermostat up Please dont give me ideas!!!!

kickassangel Sun 04-Feb-07 21:58:20

tell him you'll get health & safetly round. every work place has to be 18 degrees or more. if he complains, tell him you'll no longer do any work until you're warm enough!

hunkermunker Sun 04-Feb-07 21:59:16

Nursery temperatures are meant to be 16-20 - I would be blue if I had to live in a house that was 12 degrees!

cat64 Sun 04-Feb-07 21:59:30

Message withdrawn

Stargazer Sun 04-Feb-07 22:01:52

Well, it should be at least 16 according to work regulations, so 12 is really quite cold! I have ours set at 18.

brimfull Sun 04-Feb-07 22:06:02

around 15-17 here...probably lower during the day when I'm in and out but wouldn't hesitate to crank it up if I was chilly

NorksBrideOHara Sun 04-Feb-07 22:09:11

12? 12? That is Siberian.

Ours is usually between 16 and 19. It never goes above 20 (that would be scandalous)!!!

kidsrus Sun 04-Feb-07 22:24:50

fishfortea my house is usually set at 65f/18c between the hours of 6.30-9.00 and 15.00-22.00. the rest of the time we are out and about but if i am in i only turn it on when im sitting about getting cold.
Im always hot when i'm cleaning so don't need it then.
Your hubby is right you save 10% by turning the heating down 1 degree.
You can also save money by turning the t.vs off completely, standby mode uses 80% of the energy it uses when its on.If your dh doesn't turn it off completely nag him about it and don't forget nag him about the lights he left on and also mobile phone chargers.
He might give up nagging you if you nag him more!

fishfortea Sun 04-Feb-07 22:31:39

Kidsrus do you know my DH, he is always nagging about lights being left on even though we are not that bad- all our lights are energy efficient and take ages to warm up. I agree to only having the heating on when needed but he seems to of gone too far and wants it really low so we get no benfit at all. At times we are freezing.

time4me Sun 04-Feb-07 22:33:21

That sounds cold to me but don`t feel alone in this as my dh is the same.It`s a bloke thing,I`m sure.Did your dh go to boarding school? Mine did and I think it may have had something to do with it.
Anyway there isn`t an easy answer other than paying the bill yourself then you are entitled to have it high.You could have a good chat with him about it and let him know how you really feel.You certainly aren`t the only one as I do know a woman who is permanently wrapped in a duvet.

fishfortea Sun 04-Feb-07 22:33:21

And in the morning we only have the heating on for one hour and that is 6-7 and then it goes off, because in his eyes we are all up and about by then so dont need it on!!!!

fishfortea Sun 04-Feb-07 22:34:40

No he didnt go to a boarding sch I think he is just tight and doesnt want to pay for the heating bills-HA HA

charliecat Sun 04-Feb-07 22:34:46

The heating is ON..hes paying for that switch the frigging thing up a bit.
Hes paying to be COLD.
Or break the thermostat while its on 20 and put the face back on the front of it at 12

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