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To disageee that a bride can't decide?

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mummytofourbabies Tue 20-Sep-16 17:55:02

Was invited to a wedding and have since received an email from the bride telling me that all guests are forbidden from wearing a hay or fascination?
Does this actually happen now?

mummytofourbabies Tue 20-Sep-16 17:55:21

*Not a hay a hat

Arfarfanarf Tue 20-Sep-16 18:03:14

And colours you MUST wear/colour schemes/themes etc

People go a bit nuts 😁

I'd just roll with it tbh. It's not a big deal to not wear a hat.

mummytofourbabies Tue 20-Sep-16 18:07:23

Yeah I'm going to roll along, and not wear a hat.but never ever heard of the bride telling you what you can and can't wear before hmm

Abit extreme if you ask me gringrin

BarbarianMum Tue 20-Sep-16 18:09:14

YANBU! We had a 20s/30s style wedding. Following the theme was totally optional, and the way it was interpreted by those who chose to was totally up to them. Some went for the whole gangster/moll thing, some just chucked a feather boa over a little black number, some wore their regular wedding guest outfit and one guy came as Indiana Jones.
Telling your guests what to wear is just wrong. We didn't even tell our bridesmaids!

NewPotatoes Tue 20-Sep-16 18:09:25

Show up in a floor-length veil?

KurriKurri Tue 20-Sep-16 18:10:01

I'd wear a massive bale of hay grin

But more seriously it seems to be a thing now - I would completely ignore it, no you don't get to say what people can wear - what are they going to do - rip it from your head before they let you in?

It's nuts - another example of the strange controlling tyranny that is the modern wedding (I jest before anyone gets shrieky)

Ifailed Tue 20-Sep-16 18:10:41

Is the wedding in Maui?

HapShawl Tue 20-Sep-16 18:11:53

It's not a venue where headgear is not allowed (struggling to think of many tbh)?

Maybe they are supplying hats!

Somerville Tue 20-Sep-16 18:13:02

Is that really the wording? That the bride forbids it?

If so, YANBU.

I have been to a few weddings where no hats were necessary but it was always conveyed in a polite way. Generally a verbal message being passed round through bridesmaid and families that 'the ceremony isn't a hat affair.'

AcrossthePond55 Tue 20-Sep-16 18:16:33

Could the venue be such that hats/tall fascinators would block other people's view? Possibly block the videographer's view?

OreoCat Tue 20-Sep-16 18:16:50

As long as none of my guests had turned up in a white dress and a veil, I didn't care much what they wore grin

Not in a horrible way, just wanted those people there to celebrate with us!

Unless it's a stipulation by the venue I can't understand this "bride and groom dictate dress code" nonsense. If someone shows up to my wedding in a white dress and veil I'll kick off, apart from that I don't care grin

Prawnofthepatriarchy Tue 20-Sep-16 18:26:25

This is totally ridiculous. I was just pleased that the people I wanted came, not trying to control what they wore.

I have a theory that the worse the bridezilla the more likely it is that the marriage fails, ugly and early. It's down to being super controlling plus high levels of narcissism. It's not all brides, you get grooms who do it too, to be fair.

NightWanderer Tue 20-Sep-16 18:32:08

Maybe the bride is cocklaphobic?

gonetoseeamanaboutadog Tue 20-Sep-16 18:34:20

This reminds me of Ladies of Cheshire when the only stipulation re: a birthday party was that Ampika had to wear clothes...she went naked. grin

LikeDylanInTheMovies Tue 20-Sep-16 18:36:39

Maybe the bride is cocklaphobic?

The honeymoon will be a wow if she is allergic to cocks.

MrsBertBibby Tue 20-Sep-16 18:37:13

But how will she get all those pics of tipsy dudes wearing fascinators?

mummytofourbabies Tue 20-Sep-16 18:43:33

No the wedding is not in Maui.

Not supplying hats, no banned headgear from the venue either.

She didn't word it so harshly but at the end she wrote "if you turn up wearing one u don't get in-simples" think it was made to sound jokey-clearly not jokey though.

Could possibly be because of the view
Being blocked, I'm not sure actually? confused

mrszc Tue 20-Sep-16 18:45:16

What a fucking Bridezilla hmm

Arfarfanarf Tue 20-Sep-16 18:46:11

maybe she's going to wear a crown or something and doesn't want any other headgear

grin grin

Go in without one, sit down, then pull a cardboard party hat from your bag and put it on. I dare you.

If you can convince all the other guests to do the same, I will pay you wink

BennyTheBall Tue 20-Sep-16 18:47:11

Every time I think I have read all the batshit crazy wedding threads - another one comes to amaze me.

I think fascinators are the naffest thing in the world - but I might be inclined to wear one to this wedding.

LineyReborn Tue 20-Sep-16 18:47:21

Maybe she just hates wedding hats and fascinators because they're a bit shit.

mummytofourbabies Tue 20-Sep-16 18:47:52

Arfar gringringrin

That made me giggle. What a great idea I might just do that.
I could get a gang of paper hat wearers on side. As I know a lot of them are kicking off about her dictating! gringrin

reup Tue 20-Sep-16 18:49:10

Did she actually use a u and write simples? I would be reevaluating the friendship.

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