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To feel a bit screwed over.................

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Montalf Tue 20-Sep-16 12:57:12

OK, so I work for a large retail company, a household name. I started a couple of months ago and was overpaid the first month, I told the manager as although I didn't receive a payslip I knew I had got too much into the bank, and I was told it'd be sorted.
Now, we get access to our payslips on the company intranet and I didn't know how to get started with all this, and due really to the demands of the job while I am there and the fact I pretty much work alone, the opportunity to pin someone down and ask for help didn't really arise.
Anyway, due to the fact I hadn't seen a payslip I did a few sums and with what I had worked that month(I had worked 2 and a half weeks of that month, been paid for the full month) reckoned that I had been overpaid by 20 hours around £200, which I thought was OK because it would come off next month I expected, or a bit at a time and it was manageable.
However the next month went by and no deduction was made, so I brought it up again to the manager and asked about having a look at my payslip, and tried to confirm the amount overpaid and method etc that it would be deducted. Was told that manager would speak to HR and get back to me - and then left.
Jump forward to pay day for August and nearly 2/3rds (£400) of my wages are missing and I have no idea why or any way of finding out as I didn't know how to get on the system to retrieve my payslip.
I managed to pin down someone (amazing how lack of money makes you insistent!) and got access to payslips and it's been taken off and labelled 'back pay'.
When I questioned the amount, basically I had worked out what I should have been paid until the end of the month, and the pay period differs from the actual end of the month due to cut off points etc. So instead of being deducted 40 hours I was deducted 50 hours, because I work 3 days a week, and the 3 I had counted in for June were actually part of July pay period, although we get paid on the last working day apparently the cut off can be up to 10 days before the pay date. Again, none of this was explained or provided in the staff handbook etc as for their pay periods etc, so without the information I worked stuff out that ended up being wrong.

Felt a bit aggrieved to be honest because there was no heads up, no communication or anything, although I absolutely do not dispute that I owed the money, a bit of common courtesy would have been nice, especially as I hadn't made any mistake, they had.

I spoke to a new manager about the situation and she then spoke to HR and it was decided between them that I could have £300 back as a one off payment and then it could be paid back over 3 months with £100 a month being paid back from my wages, I was more than happy with this, and very grateful, due to a multitude of factors with this situation, I was very short this month and was impressed by the companies care and concern for their staff. Finally thought I had found a decent employer.
Only the money didn't arrive, and after the manager has spent almost 4 days investigating why, it would appear that I have fallen foul of the 'cut off' again and the request was made the day after the cut off for manual payments........meaning I can't have it until payday, which is pointless because I have wages coming on pay day, I don't need £300 that I am going to be paying back anyway 3 weeks after I actually needed it.

Am I being unreasonable to feel a bit screwed over and annoyed about this? I knew I had been overpaid however not the right amount, knew it would be taken back but had no idea when so no chance to plan and budget for it (I did budget for a lower amount) and then was promised a payment which never materialised, it's left me feeling awful to be honest.

Montalf Tue 20-Sep-16 13:00:35

"So instead of being deducted 40 hours I was deducted 50 hours, "

Typo - that should read "So instead of being deducted 20 hours I was deducted 50 hours"

Sorry can't find an edit function.

wasonthelist Tue 20-Sep-16 13:11:58

Your payroll/HR function sounds hopeless - overpayments and daft cut offs (I know pay like to have a cut off at some point for reconcilliation, but there needs to be reason). Not sure you can really say you were screwed over though since you aren't contesting the amounts in question.

littleniki Tue 20-Sep-16 17:37:17

I work for a major retail brand and if they screw up they are able to put it in as a one off payment as i had it happen when I first started. Talk to hr and explain the situation. They should be able to help

Montalf Tue 20-Sep-16 19:25:11

Thanks for the replies -
littleniki - did and she requested a payment that was supposed to hit my bank account last Weds, however when it failed to materialise and she investigated it took HR/payroll 2 days to respond and the response was that the manual payment request she put in was after yet another cut off date and wouldn't be in my bank account until pay day - 30th Sept, the day I will get my regular wages anyway and I won't really need it then.... I realise there's nothing can be done I just feel a bit hard done by lol

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