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To email the teacher and any advice please?

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youcannoteatconkers Mon 19-Sep-16 19:00:54

DD is in year 9. It is a 14 plus school but has taken year 9s for the first time this year. Up to the end of year 8 dd did Spanish once a fortnight and French weekly. DD was predicted a high C to a B in French but they did not assess the Spanish.

DD has just moved to a new school where they teach Spanish, French and German. DD hated French and wanted to do Spanish. Only 2 of the children in her year have chosen Spanish so she is in a mixed year 9/year 10 class.

They are doing basic work, numbers, what is your name, how old are you etc. I have seen her work book. Her Spanish teacher has taken her out of class today and said that she is struggling (after one week) and should consider a move to German. DD did a taster of German and hated it.

If they were doing complicated Spanish then I would force the move but they seem to be starting from foundations.

DD has come home in floods of tears today. She has low confidence and self esteem and is the only one who has been taken out of class and spoken to so it has hammered her tonight.

Would you email the teacher (contact email is on the website) to make her aware how upset dd is and can anyone who has done languages give me any advice?

Jubaloo442 Mon 19-Sep-16 19:05:09

Might be worth dropping them an e-mail just to find out what your DD's supposedly falling short on?
Is it possible that they've set up this 'mixed y9/10' system and now want to scrap it for some reason (timetabling?) so are trying to 'encourage the 2 Y9 students to switch?

user1474404784 Tue 20-Sep-16 23:25:17

I've studied French for 15 years and Spanish for 7, and am now doing French and German from scratch at uni, and relatively fresh out of schooling!

French and Spanish are very similar, which for some learners is a good thing but for others can be confusing. This may be why the school has suggested a move to German (a whole other ball game linguistically), but it seems odd that your DD would struggle with basic Spanish given her past success in French and Spanish teaching before...hmm Agree with PP about potential timetabling clashes.

Ultimately, she should get to do the language she enjoys. It might be worth emailing the teacher to see where specifically she is struggling, and what she can do to improve these areas rather than just switching to another language. Might be worth asking if there is a teacher who can help with specific bits sometimes in lunch times or after school? Or an after-school tutor if you can afford it? I can also definitely recommend listening to Spanish radio ( is good for learners), watching Spanish films with subtitles (also really good culturally), and using apps like Duolingo and Memrise for vocab (you can upload or own or find stuff on there I believe). It may seem daunting at first, but even just listening to the language without a clue what is going on will help her get acquainted with it. Provided she hasn't chosen her options yet, year 9 is a good time to work on things without the pressure of GCSEs.

I feel for your DD - I struggled with low self-esteem at school and had a similar thing happen in Maths and Science. flowers for you both.

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