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to not order ds school photos

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FlemCandango Mon 19-Sep-16 17:37:40

If they had titles, they would be called 'i hate you', "I will kill you with my death ray eyes', 'i don't want to be here' etc. There are quite a,few as ds had some individual photos and some with dd1. The ones with dd she has a lovely smile and ds is frowning or looking pissed off.

Ds is 12 and is clearly totally over the concept of smiling in a school photo. But i am fighting the urge to get his grumpy visage all over mugs for the GPs this Xmas. I wont and i won't be sharing them on social media. Poor old ds said the hall where the pics were taken was loud and chaotic, he has sensory issues and asd so i also love him for keeping it together and being in the photos despite wanting to get away from the whole experience.

School photos are a waste of money anyway, i took loads of smiling photos of ds this summer, in those he looks happy and relaxed. Why do we still gave this outmoded tradition?

FlemCandango Mon 19-Sep-16 17:38:27

Gave = have

LittleWingSoul Mon 19-Sep-16 17:42:18

It is a racket isn't it? £11 for a grainy digital print. I have stopped buying them our of principle. The last individual shot they'd done some digital wizardry that made my DS look totally unlike herself! They may not know what she looks like but I certainly do!

dowhatnow Mon 19-Sep-16 17:42:27

I have a copy of every school photo that was ever taken throughout my dc's school years. The only trouble is they all have sample or not for sale or some such thing written across them.

We have so many photo's taken at home that I don't need ones in boring school uniform as a record of their development, but if they ever want to see them there are the sample copies given out on the order form for them to look at.

Me tight - ok so I am. Years ago when cameras were rare then people needed school photos which proud gp's displayed, nowadays you don't.

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