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Historical Abuse, worth reporting?

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KellieB01 Mon 19-Sep-16 13:01:14

Hello, there is a good chance this is in the wrong area but here we go.

I've not seen my dad since I was 15, 11 year's ago.

My parents ended the relationship in '97. The main reason my mum divorced my dad was because of his behaviour and behaviour towards me, never my brother.

He was psychically and mentally abusive towards me, until I had enough and walked away. But even when I'd done that he;d try and find ways to contact me to show he still had control.

He was also the same to my mum, she had rules she had to obey e.g. no make up, deodorant, no bank card, etc...

Recently we've found him online and that he has basically lost the plot, this includes making public online death threats about me, my mum and my daughter. I contacted the police who couldn't do anything, so I am now debating reporting the past abuse so that if he does do anything and come after us there is something there showing what he was like, if that makes sense? I just want a bit of protection...

but would it be worth it? yes he effected me, yes it still does, but if nothing comes of it i've brought a lot of stuff thats in the past, back again

JellyBelli Mon 19-Sep-16 13:05:23

If the police told you they couldnt do anything, report it again and make a complaint against the police officer who told you that.

Threats made online can be dealt with. Get as much evidence as you can including screen shots.
Keep an incident diary from now on. You can also contact Womens Aid for support and advice.

Trethew Mon 19-Sep-16 13:12:19

There is nothing historic about making death threats against you and your family now. Go back to the police with your evidence at once

Penfold007 Mon 19-Sep-16 13:24:30

Why where you looking for him online, what did you hope to achieve? Historical abuse can be reported and investigated, if that's what you want go ahead and report him.

010816dot Mon 19-Sep-16 13:38:32

Penfold007 - why shouldn't she look for him online - what ever happened he is her father - she has every right to look for him -maybe she was hoping for something positive - maybe she was wanting to confirm her thoughts - or was just curious. All the above are natural reactions for somebody who has been abused. I don't get your point !! confused

KellieB01 Mon 19-Sep-16 13:55:47

I looked because I wanted to see where he was, I'll worry (be scared) of him till he's no longer here I suppose and even tho he's not on our lives, he was in my brothers and his sister in law works at my mums work, he lives near by. And if by looking on Facebook or/and twitter to put my mind at rest when I've had a bad dream about him, and to hope to see that he's not bother about us, I feel a little better, sadly this isn't what we found

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